"A Healthier & Longer Life"
Questions & Answers with Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel D. Wallach, B.S., D.V.M., N.D. 
author of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie".

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1.  Exercise
2.  Toxicity/Pollution
3.  Arthritis
4.  Bone Spurs
5.  Cancer
6.  Diabetes
7.  Kidney disease
8.  Alzheimer's disease
9.  Back problems/Cartilage/Disc problems
11. Epilepsy/Seizures
12. Menopause
13 Birth Defects/Prenatal Nutrition
15. Asthma
16. Allergies/Hay Fever
19. BABY FORMULAS/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome



Q:  Dr. Wallach, it seems like every week I pick up a newspaper, I see about our young athletes having problems with their bodies falling apart, like cardiomyopathy and challenges like that.  What can we give our athletes and our children so that they can be healthy and have long lives that we want as well.

A:  Thatís a great question because most people believe that exercise is good for you, and that was always a great question, you knowÖ ďis exercise good for you, is it necessary for health and longevity?Ē  And when you inspect this question, you have to look at professional athletes who spend most of their teenage years going to university, and the semi-pros and the pros, training and practicing and doing their events.  And if exercise was the factor in living a long healthy life, athletes should live longer than couch potatoes.  But when you look at this critically, couch potatoes in America live to be 75.5 and the average athlete, depending upon the sport and their level of competence, live to be 62 to 68Ö far short of what a couch potato lives to be. 

And of course athletes suffer a great many joint diseases and bone diseases, tendons and ligaments, back, neck, shoulders, ankles, knees and hips, and they have to suffer through an enormous amount of surgeries to deal with this, and athletes develop some 800 different diseases.  And why is it that athletes donít fare as well as the couch potato is simply because athletes sweat more in 5 years than couch potatoes do in 75 years.  And when you sweat, youíre not just sweating out Gatorade, youíre sweating out all 60 essential minerals.  And they are called essential minerals because if theyíre missing for any length of time you get some horrible degenerative disease, many of which are life-threatening. 

So, you donít have to be rocket scientist to figure out who is more likely to be debilitated or even die of these life-threatening diseases, an athlete who sweats out quarts of sweat during an event or training or practice, or a couch potato who is laying on a couch in an air conditioned den switching the channel yelling ďHoney, bring in the popcorn, Iím changing the channelĒ.  And this is very serious because the Center for Disease Control says that as many as 100,000 athletes under the age of 30, - 100,000 each year die suddenly during an event or training or exercise, or immediately after an event from cardiomyopathy heart disease which you mentioned, and ruptured aneurysm.  The cardiomyopathy heart disease is due to a Selenium deficiency and ruptured aneurysm is due to a Copper deficiency.  Begin to put two and two together.  Why does a ten year old die of a ruptured aneurysm?  Well, he sweats out all of his copper and you canít get copper from curly French Fries and Pepsis.  It just doesnít work.  



Q:  Dr. Wallach, you talked about the effects of pollution in your studies.  How about the pollution that weíre getting?  Is this going to help us out any?

A:  We have problems with pollution as a human being, as our body will store toxic chemicals, both the organic chemicals like DDT and the minerals that are toxic, like lead and mercury, cadmium.  It stores in our fat and in our liver, which is the big filter in our body, kind of filters the blood, and for our body to get rid of these toxins, for our body to actually process them so they can get them out and not store them in our body, we require an enormous amount of vitamins and trace minerals to pull this off

We need antioxidants to protect us at the cellular level, which the granddaddy of course, is Selenium, the trace mineral Selenium, and then thereís Calcium and you have Zinc and you have Magnesium and you have Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, and you have the Pycnogenol and the grapeseed extract, and you have things like the green tea.  These will all help protect you from the specific toxins at the cellular level, and even Selenium alone will help you dump or get rid of toxic metals like mercury and excessive amounts of arsenic.  Calcium will be a great civic antidote for lead poisoning, and then you have all 90 essential nutrients which will help your liver process any stored organo-chemical, any of the DDTs or the TCB, agricultural chemicals and industrial waste that might get into your fat and your liver.  Your body will get rid of these if itís healthier and itís able to do all of the chemical processes that we need to do to get past all of these toxins in our body.  



Q:  Dr. Wallach, what about Arthritis?

A:  Well arthritis is my favorite disease, because itís easy to fix.  Itís one of the great myths that the medical profession perpetuates that you canít build bone mass after the age of 50, 60, 70 years of age, you can only slow down the loss.  And the reason why they say that is because they try to rebuild bone mass using plain Calcium, whether itís TUMS or calcium citrate or carbonate or gluconate or lactate.  And your body will not retain much of any of the calcium you supplement within your bones without first building new bone matrix. 

You have to have new bone matrix.  This is the rubbery collagen material that looks like tendon or skin, and it makes up 25 to 40% of bone weight, 40% when youíre a child and 25 when youíre and adult. 

And so it is absolutely essential if you want to deal with the wear and tear arthritis, Osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis effectively, you have to take all 90 essential nutrients and the best way to do that is with Dr. Wallachís Pig Arthritis formula. 

Remember, Iím a veterinarian as well as a physician, and we learned a long time ago, maybe a hundred years ago in veterinary medicine that we could prevent and even reverse, (maybe we could even use the Ďcureí word in animals), arthritis, simply by giving the animal the raw materials to develop properly and to maintain and repair the joints.  And so, using this information that we developed in animals, if you use the same concept in human beings, I have literally seen tens of thousands of people over the years who had bone to bone arthritis, osteo arthritis, they have degenerative arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, which are basically a joint form of osteoporosisÖ  itís osteoporosis of the joint ends of the bones and they have tried all kinds of medication, and of course if you take medication, if you take a pain killer, take an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, essentially all youíre doing is cutting the wire to the red warning light.  Pain in the joint says ďdonít use me until you fix meĒ, and by taking a pain-killer, by taking an anti-inflammatory which will reduce pain, you are allowing that joint to be used even though it would have been painful without the drug. 

And so you are wearing that joint out faster and faster, and to me itís criminally negligent for someone to be prescribed a pain killer or an anti-inflammatory for joint disease without repairing the joint at the same time.  And this is where the Pig Arthritis formula really shines.  And it was again developed in animals to prevent and cure arthritis in pigs, and it works just like a charm on human beings.  



Q:  Does the same apply to bone spurs?

A:  Absolutely.  Bone spurs are a manifestation of osteoporosis.  A person will get bone spurs and calcium deposits when you have osteoporosis, just the opposite of what a doctor will tell you.  And you need more calcium, more magnesium, need the bone matrix, you need the collagen, the glucosamine sulfate, the chondroitin sulfate, and those bone spurs and the calcium deposits will actually re-architect back down to a normal bone.  Takes a little while.  Takes 4 to 6 months to pull that off, but you can do it on a regular basis, absolutely.  



Q:  Cancer seems to be striking everywhere in our population these days.  It seems like the majority of people in their senior life die of cancer.  What in the Pig Arthritis formula or the Youngevity products do we have that we can help people that are in the challenge of cancer?

A:  Well, itís a great question.  Back at the turn of the century, 1895, 1900, 1 out of 10 Americans developed cancer.  Right now itís 3 out of 5, and by the year 2050, itís projected 2 out of 3 people are going to develop cancer in America.  The onset of cancer appears to be directly related to the amount of carcinogens, these are toxic waste, either from agriculture, or from the industrial waste that we find in our air and our food and in our water and in the dust around us.  And the lack of ability to defend against these carcinogens.  And the most common defense mechanism that we have, the one that we have access to in a very economical way, are the anti-oxidants, like Selenium, like the grapeseed extract, like the green tea.  Youíre looking at Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and avoiding fried food and margarine and things we have control of.  Eating as much organically grown food as possible. 

According to the medical school at the University of Arizona, this came out in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association, Dec. 25, 1996, I mean we are talking about a great Christmas gift to the American people,  they did a wonderful study, 10 years, it was a double-blind study, 1300 people, they gave the study group 250mcg, which is one quarter of one milligram, weíre talking an itsy bitsy amount of Selenium.  They just added Selenium alone, didnít change anything else, and by giving these people 250 mcg. of the trace mineral Selenium, they were able to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer by 71%, prostate cancer by 69%, greater than two thirds, colon and rectal cancer by 64%, almost two thirds, lung cancer was reduced by 48% whether you smoked or not.   In a parallel study from The University of California, San Diego, 250mcg., one quarter of one milligram, reduced the risk of breast cancer by 50-80%, and the same study showed that if you already have cancer, if you take 250mcg. of Selenium everyday, you will, in fact, double the natural history life-expectancy of a particular type of cancer.  For instance, lung cancer, the natural history is about a year.  Brain cancer, is less than a year.  Uterine, ovarian, colon, breast cancer is two to five years. Prostate cancer is two to eight years.  Well just by taking 250 mcg. of Selenium everyday, you can double that life-expectancy just by doing that one thing. 

And so if you take the other anti-oxidants and give up margarines and fried foods and sugar and caffeine and avoid as many of the agricultural waste and toxic waste from the industry that you can, you will be able to avoid an enormous amount of cancer.  And if you already have cancer, doing other things, such as taking shark cartilage and the anti-oxidants, and getting on macrobiotic diets and so forth, you can add many healthful years to your life.  You can certainly have a better quality to your life, and many people will extend their lives in a great way, ten, twenty, thirty, forty years.  Obviously there is no way you can look in somebodyís eyes and say ďyouíre the one thatís going to live 50 yearsĒ, and so people just have to do all the right things and theyíre going to get the best that can be gotten from nutrition and the supplements.  



Q:  Dr. Wallach, Iíve been a diabetic for about 30 years.  What kind of minerals should I take to help me?

A:  First of all, are you an Adult Onset Type 2 or a Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetic?  A Juvenile Type 1.  You are insulin dependent because the definition of a Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetic is that you do not make any insulin and so you will never be able to wean off insulin.  You will always have to take some insulin, but there are two trace minerals, chromium and vanadium, that will make the insulin that you supplement yourself with very efficient.  And most people who are Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetics are able to  reduce the amount of insulin they require to stabilize their blood sugar by supplementing with the chromium and vanadium. 

And of course Youngevity has two great sources, the plant derived colloidal chromium and vanadium and the chelated chromium and vanadium, and the Ultimate Sweet Eze.  And normally a person learns how to adjust their insulin by taking their blood sugar once or twice or three times a day and so you are taught how to adjust your insulin intake, and just by following what you have been taught, as you supplement with this plant-derived colloidal and the chelated chromium and vanadium, you will be able to get down to a new dosage of your insulin.  

The value of taking the whole Pig Arthritis formula plus the Ultimate Sweet Eze is that thereís nothing worse than paying attention to your blood sugar levels and your insulin intake and then dying of a ruptured aneurysm because you didnít supplement with copper.  Or developing cancer because you didnít supplement with Selenium.  So it is very important, even though you are a diabetic, and that is your primary and immediate concern, still, over the long haul of being a health-conscious person just out of necessity, you are going to have to supplement with all 90 nutrients.  And the odds are, even though you are a Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetic, you have every honest expectation of living to be 100, symptom-free, if you do everything right.



Q:  What about kidneys?  Cause I have kidney problems to add to my diabetes.

A:  If a person has kidney problems, whether they are a diabetic or not, one of the symptoms of kidney disease is that you lose a lot of protein in your urine.  And itís one of the diagnostic things that alerts the doctor that you have a kidney problem when they do a urine dip-stick test you have a lot of protein in your urine, so what you want to do in your dietary practices, number 1, make sure you are consuming a high-quality protein cause youíre going to be losing protein through your urine.  Of course doctors are a little bit wacky, they say ďcut back on protein so we donít get protein in your urineĒ.  Well you donít want to cut back on protein because your immune system requires protein to repair yourself, maintain your kidneys, your liver, your muscles, your heart, every tissue in your body needs to have a great high-quality source of protein coming in everyday.  And so instead of restricting protein, you want to take a high-quality protein that is biologically available.  And egg protein is the benchmark by which all other proteins are measured.  And so egg protein, poached, soft boiled, soft scrambled and butter in a low temperature, not fried, and not cooked in margarine, is a great way to take care of kidneys.  PLUS taking all 90 essential nutrients, cause your kidneys need all 90 essential nutrients just like all the other tissues.  If you do that, you have the best chance of stabilizing your kidneys and maybe not losing anymore kidney function.  Sometimes you will regain a percentage of the kidney function.



Q:  Yes my question is on Alzheimer's.  Why is it more prevalent today than it was 15 or 20 years ago?

A:  Actually, Alzheimer's disease is a disease that didnít exist 40 years ago.  Alzheimer's disease, even by another name, could not be found in any medical dictionary or textbook or taught in any medical curriculum.  It only became an entity in the medical literature in 1979.  And today it is apparently the number 4 killer of adults in the United States over the age of 65, behind cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and then comes Alzheimer's disease.  It appears to me, with no doubt, that it is due to what I call a Ďphysician-caused diseaseí.  Because doctors have encouraged people, in fact demanded that people give up saturated fat and cholesterol and move towards a cholesterol restricted diet to get their blood cholesterol down below 200, and they have created no less than 25 of these cholesterol diseases.  And to me, Alzheimerís disease is one of the big ones.  75% of our brain weight is pure cholesterol, itís called myelin, itís this fatty stuff that insulates each nerve fiber of the brain and spinal cord, and we can only make about 10% of our daily need of cholesterol.  The other 90% must come from the diet.  And if a person if very very good about giving up chicken skin and red meat, and dairy and eggs, like a doctor would have them do, after about 6 or 8 or 10 years theyíre not going to be able to keep up with the maintenance and repair needs of the cholesterol for the myelin and the brain and spinal cord, so you can just expect that a person is going to develop one or more of these 25 physician-caused diseases, including acquired seizure disorders and Alzheimerís disease.  Now the best way to avoid Alzheimerís is to eat a couple of eggs every morning for breakfast, not cooked in margarine or fried, you want to consume as much as 72oz of red meat every single month.  I know that sounds like a lot, but itís just a quarter-pounder a day, and  you want to supplement with all 90 essential nutrients, and when you get to the Vitamin E level you want to have at least 2,000 international units of Vitamin E, and you want 500mcg of Selenium, and if you do that, even if you already have Alzheimerís disease, you can honestly expect to have a significant amount of return of memory.  Great studies done by University of California at San Diego and the Salk Institute that says by taking 2,000 icu of Vitamin E alone, even if you have advanced Alzheimerís disease, you can get a significant amount of memory return.  Thereís hope for you!  


Back problems/Cartilage/Disc problems:

Q:  My doctor said that my cartilage, Iím a construction worker, he said that my cartilage damage is permanent.  Is there anything that can be done?

A:  First of all, how old are you?  28 years old.  And what do you normally take for fluid replacement when youíre working out in construction?  What do you drink during the day?  Water.  You donít drink any soft drinks?  Yes I do.  Okay, because normally construction workers drink a couple of litres of Pepsi a day, right?  Yeah, I could probably put down a litre. And the reason why I ask that, is because caffeine from soft drinks, the phosphates in soft drinks, the sugar in soft drinks, the caffeine in iced tea, hot tea, coffee, will, in fact, interfere with the retention of minerals in your bones.  And did you take any minerals or vitamins while you were working in constructions?  I just recently started taking the products.  While you were in construction, prior to the back problems.  A lot of construction workers will tell me, ďwell, Doc, if it ainít in the Pepsi, I donít get itĒ.  Right?  And so youíre a perfect candidate for the Pig Arthritis formula, plus the EFA.  You need all 90 nutrients, and give up the bad things.  Give up the soft drinks and the iced tea, and the lemonades, give up the fried foods and the margarines, and I can just tell you, with your age, you can honestly expect to see really recognizable results in a very short time, 60 to 90 days.  And it doesnít matter what the doctor said, if you do the right things, get rid of the bad things, take all 90 essential nutrients, making sure you get that collagen and glucosamine and the chondroitin sulfate, you will repair your vertebrae, you will repair the cartilage, you will repair the disc.  



Q:  Iíve remodeled homes now for probably 18 years, and during that time I have remodeled homes for families.  You notice these little children bouncing off of walls, and once they get their breakfast and a snack after breakfast, and then lunch again, normally has sugar in it, is there any correlation here with ADD?

A:  Absolutely.  Back at the turn of the century, 1895-1900, Americans were eating a half a pound of sugar per person per year.  Today itís 150 pounds of sugar per person per year, and somebody out there is eating 300 pounds because I donít eat any.  I can tell you that there is a direct correlation between the increase of ADD, ADHD, depression, manic depression, bipolar disease and the increased consumption of sugar

And if you look at it, thereís 5 million American children who are on Ritalin, prozac and nepremine and other anti-depressants in school.  Five million drugged American kids in pre-school and elementary school, simply because these kids are sensitive to sugar, like many people are sensitive to alcohol.  Thereís good alcoholics who just kind of go to sleep when they have a couple of drinks, thereís the people who get boisterous and sing loud Irish songs when they take a couple of drinks, and thereís some people who get violent and angry and become angry and dangerous to themselves and other people.  Child abuse, spouse abuse, they abuse their neighbors, road rage, another way of looking at this life-threating situation, people will actually gain criminal behavior sometimes because alcohol acts like a drug in them. 

Same way with sugar.  Some people when they take in sugar have low blood sugar and they just get drowsy and fall asleep.  Some people when they take in sugar get hyperactive and boisterous and actually ADD/ADHD.  And there are some people when they take sugar will have road rage.  They are very very aggressive and reactive, and can be dangerous to themselves and their families and other people in the community.  And to me itís criminal for CocaCola machines and candy machines in school, and then wonder why kids beat up on each other and shoot each other.  Well in addition to getting all the sugar out of their life from Sugar Frosted Flakes and Pepsis and Reeseís Peanutbutter Cups and candy and Pop Tarts and Eggos and things like ice cream and so forth, they have to supplement with all 90 essential nutrients. 

Even little kids, from the moment they are born to develop properly, (this includes their emotions), to repair and maintain themselves, they need all 90 essential nutrients and especially lithium, chromium, vanadium.  There is an enormous amount of research in human beings which show that lithium deficiency results in hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, depression, manic depression, and criminal behavior.  And so they have to do both.  Again, a teaspoon for 20 lbs. bodyweight under the weight of 100 pounds, and no sugar whatsoever from any source, and you can avoid all this.  Itís amazing.  Just within days they will be perfectly normal little kids.  



Q:  I have a son that has grand mal seizures.  Can you recommend anything for that:

A:  Okay, well first of all, was your son born with these grand mal seizures?  Yes, he was.  He was born with it, he has hydrocephalus, cerebropalsy.

Okay, first of all cerebropalsy and hydrocephalus are whatís called a congenital birth defect.  These are caused by nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy.  They can be a Zinc deficiency, Vitamin A deficiency, Copper deficiency, and it has two problems there, and itís not unusual, because a deficiency of single nutrient can cause as many as 10 different diseases.  So, your son unfortunately has a very common series of events here, and because the epilepsy, the congenital birth disorder is associated with these two congenital birth defects, the odds are the nutrition alone will not put the genii back in the bottle.  And he might have to stay on an anti-seizure medication, such as dilantin or phenobarb forever.  However, the thing that you have to be concerned with is almost all of these anti-seizure medications have a down side in that they deplete their bones and minerals.  Itís not unusual for a 6 yr old or a 10 yr old to get arthritis or osteoporosis, noisy joints, and  twitches and cramps, and loose teeth and receding gums and back problems and all the things that are associated with mineral deficiencies.  So your child is a perfect candidate for the Pig Arthritis formula, simply because he is on dilantin, or another anti-seizure medication.  Very important.

Does he weigh less than 100 pounds?  Yes, he does.  Okay, then I would give him a teaspoon of the Pig Arthritis formula per 20 lbs of body weight , if he weighs 40 lbs. you give him 2 teaspoons twice a day, if he weighs 60 lbs, 3 teaspoons or a tablespoon twice a day, and if he weighs 10 lb, you give him a half a teaspoon.  So it depends what weight category he falls into.  And again, thereís no reason he canít live to be 100, and usually these youngsters with these types of congenital birth defects die of some nutritional deficiency disease.  And so by giving him all 90 essential nutrients, you will extend his life enormously.

And it wonít hurt him in any way?

I love that question.  No, absolutely not.  It wonít hurt him.

Thank you!

You are welcome.  



Q:  Dr. Wallach, my mother is going through menopause right now.  Is there anything that you can recommend for her?

A:  Sure.  Number 1, the standard approach is with hormone replacement therapy.  Estrogen with progesterone, which is the Premarin, and the false assumption is that it will reduce your risk of heart disease or that it will reduce your risk of osteoporosis, and eliminate the more common symptons of menopause, which include night sweats and hot flashes and things of this nature.  And certainly estrogen will do that, take care of the hot flashes and the night sweats, but longterm studies show that a woman is not going to retain any bone mass by using estrogen or Premarin with the progesterone and taking a sugar pill, after a 7 to 10 year period.  Thereís just no difference between the 2 groups of women. 

Also, in a very recent study they show if a womenís already had heart disease of one kind or another and she takes hormone replacement therapy, actually increases the risk of heart disease by 50% to take estrogen supplements.  Thereís been an enormous amount of research in Scandanavia which shows that women who take a supplemental estrogen or estrogen with Premarin, ah, with progesterone, actually increase the risk of breast and uterine cancer by 78%, so to me, thereís no amount of benefit from estrogen supplement to justify that.  In fact, your own adrenal glands and liver can manufacture more than enough to avoid the symptoms of night sweats and so forth just simply by taking in the raw materials.  95% of the weight of estrogen is cholesterol, and to convert that cholesterol into estrogen you need all 90 essential nutrients for your adrenal glands and liver to function properly.  So again, the 2 eggs every morning for breakfast, poached, soft-boiled, soft scrambled in butter, low temperatures; not cooked in margarine, not fried.  The Pig Arthritis formula PLUS the Ultimate EFA would give all 90 essential nutrients.  And women who have had menopausal symptoms for 5 years, who have been on estrogen supplements, women who have had PMS for many years, for that matter, will actually get an enormous amount of benefit.  And weíve seen literally thousands of them whose marriages have actually been saved because these premenstrual symptoms and also the post menopausal symptoms will just totally go away.  



Q:  My next question is, my husband and I thinking about starting a family and we want to know the nutritional way to go.

A:  Okay, thatís a great question.  People always ask me when do children need to start taking vitamins and minerals, and the answer is when theyíre still an egg is when you want to start them.  And so weíve learned in animal industry that we can prevent as much as 98% of all birth defects, even ones thought to be genetic in humans, simply by giving the females, especially the females, all known essential nutrients for that species, six months prior to conception.  Build up that female animalís body and stores of these essential nutrients so that the embryo implants in the uterine wall and develops in an environment that has optimal amounts, guaranteed optimal amounts of all the nutrients, and you will almost eliminate possibility of a congenital birth defect related to a mineral or vitamin or amino acid or essential fatty acid deficiency.  To give you some idea of how successful this is, according to the University of California, San Francisco, right now in America 1 out of every 33 human babies in America are born with some kind of physical, emotional, or mental birth defect.  1 out of 33.  In animals, itís only 1 out of 500,000, if they are fed this commercial diet that has all the known nutrients in them.  And so it is very very easy to understand that if we supplement young women and men who are in the child-bearing years with these nutrients, weíll be able to eliminate, totally eliminate cleft palates, cleft lips, spinobifida, eye defects, heart defects, hernias of various types, club feet, no feet, web fingers and toes, muscular dystrophy, Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, these are all preventable with proper pre-conception nutrition, so the earlier that a couple who wants to have normal healthy children, to have a wonderful, uncomplicated pregnancy, the earlier you can get on all 90 essential nutrients prior to conception, the better off everybody is.  



Q:  If you know you have a dominant gene in your body for muscular dystrophy and you know the mother has it, is there any way you wonít pass it on to your children through minerals and vitamins before you get pregnant?

A:  Okay, thatís a good question, because thereís this false belief in the medical profession that muscular dystrophy is due to a dominant gene, to genetics, genetically transmitted.  Weíve learned in the animal industry thatís not true, and you can understand why we are so excited in the animal industry, we have eliminated muscular dystrophy back in the 1950ís and nobody knows more about muscle physiology, muscle health and muscle disease than a veterinarian.  Cause what is muscle?  Itís meat.  And we know more about growing healthy meat than anybody in the world, as veterinarians.  And so we eliminated muscular dystrophy in all the farms, from animals, because a farmer could not stay in business economically, if they had lambs and calves, and pigs and chickens and turkeys being born or hatched with muscular dystrophy.  It just wouldnít be a profitable industry.  By eliminating muscular dystrophy and fibromyalgia and all the diseases that affect muscles, we were able to make the agricultural industry a profitable industry and keep the cost of animal products such as meat, dairy, poultry and eggs down to where the average American could afford to eat them everyday.  And by using these same nutritional principles, getting the muscles all 90 essential nutrients during pregnancy and also immediately after birth, the odds of having a child with muscular dystrophy is reduced to almost zero.  And so, I wouldnít be too excited about the pronouncement that you have a genetic disease.  Itís just probably not so.  



Q:  Hello, Dr. Wallach, the women in my family are plagued with hay fever and asthma and allergies, and every summer I have to listen to them nattering on about all their symptoms and the latest drugs they got from their doctor, and I donít want to join those ranks.  Is there a better way?

A:  Absolutely, letís start with asthma, itís the easiest one to deal with.  Asthma is actually a deficiency of three nutrients: magnesium, manganese, and the essential fatty acids (EFA).  And by taking the Pig Arthritis formula twice a day youíre going to get the optimal amounts of the plant-derived colloidal and the chelated magnesium and manganese.  And then by taking minimum daily requirements of the 9 grams of the essential fatty acids, that would be 3 of the Ultimate EFA capsules with each meal, 9 a day, thatís going to give you the minimum daily requirement of the essential fatty acids, and those three nutrients together Ė magnesium, manganese, essential fatty acids, will allow you to produce whatís called prostaglandin.  Prostaglandin's are little short-lived hormones that last in your bloodstream 30 seconds, 60 seconds.  So your body is continuously making them, kind of rapid-fire, and when you donít have those three nutrients youíre not making the proper prostaglandin's to keep your bronchi and your tracheae open, and thatís when you develop asthma. 

Itís very common when people take all 90 essential nutrients including the magnesium and manganese and the essential fatty acids, within weeks or months the tightness thatís a constant tightness in their chest is significantly reduced, from 8 even totally relieved.  The frequency and severity of their asthma attacks significantly is reduced.  Certainly still keep an inhaler available in case you have some unexpected emergency, kind of like wearing your seat belt.  Even though youíre on a smooth flight and youíre not going to anticipate sudden turbulence, you need to be prepared for emergencies, but you have every honest expectation of doing very well.



Then, as far as inhalant allergies from dust and pollen, seasonal ones from dust and pollen, and maybe constant ones from dander's on cats and dogs and chickens and feathers and your pillows and that kind of thing, maybe even chemicals that come out of rugs, and new cars, like formaldehyde and other chemicals, you want to get your immune system working optimally so it can protect you from these things.  Because most people are able to tolerate them.  And what happens is when your immune system doesnít have enough nutrition to function optimally you become a victim of these things assaulting you all the time.  And so what you want to do is 1) take all 90 essential nutrients so that your immune system, which includes your liver and your spleen, your tonsils and your appendix, your thymus, your white blood cells which include the neutrophils and the lymphocytes, the killer lymphocytes Ė the T-cells and so forth, also you have eosinophils and basophiles, you have neutraphilsÖ all of these while blood cells, you have albumins and globulins which are the immune proteins, you have antibodies themselves, you have your digestive system, your skin, your tears, your mucous, - all of that requires 90 essential nutrients to produce this immune system which is not just your killer T-cells, it includes all of these tissues and cells and organs of your body.  Also if you have these types of problems, you want to get one of these hepa filters at your workplace and your home when you sleep.  You can get ones that you plug in your car.  You want to eat as much organically grown food as possible.  You want to drink filtered water.  You want to get as many chemicals out of your diet as possible and reduce this pressure on your immune system.

If you have food allergies you want to have a 5 day rotation diet.  And you want to take the wonderful digestive aid we have at American Longevity called Ultimate Enzymes which has the pepsin and the betaine hydrochloride which will help a person digest the proteins down into single amino acid.  And itís the proteins and the allergens such as danders and foods and pollens and dust that cause or initiate an attack of asthma.



Q:  Dr. Wallach, I would first of all like to personally salute you for the efforts that youíre making.  I, like so many other people, was vaguely aware of things.  You certainly have got my attention.  Iíd like to come back, just for a second, on this copper thing.  Copper, if a person has those visual symptoms, gray hair and that, and decides to supplement and go after it a little bit, is it possible, or what is the maximum that a person can take without, Iíve heard that you can take too much copper?

A:  Itís a great question, because people are concerned about overdosing with vitamins and minerals, including copper, and Iíll answer you two ways, one in a generality, then specifically.

The general answer is that if you look at the medical profession, according for the Center for Disease Control, Harvard Medical School, the US News and World Report, Ralph Nader, Sydney Wolf, Rand Corporation and many many other well respected institutions, they say that doctors kill 150,000 to 300,000 Americans each year in hospitals alone, as a result of medical negligence.  Doctors injure 1.3 million Americans each year in hospitals alone as a result of medical negligence, and doctors infect 2 million Americans alone in hospitals as a result of medical negligence, for a total of 3.5 million casualties inflicted upon the public in hospitals, just as a result of medical negligence.

On the other side of this picture, thereís not a single person who has overdosed on vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, including copper, where they have to be hospitalized or anything bad happen.  And so when you compare the safety of vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, including copper, compared with standard medical procedures, itís enormously safe.  And thatís why Iím so excited about nutrition, and the Pig Arthritis formula, and the plant-derived colloidal minerals, including copper.

Now to answer your question specifically, I can tell you this, if you take the plant-derived colloidal copper and the chelated copper like you find in the Pig Arthritis formula, two doses a day, the hair color will begin to come back.  It always starts at the nape of the neck, comes over the crown of the head then down the sides of the head.  And when that happens, almost everybody sees some repair, maybe significant, maybe total repair of the veins and the arteries, by repairing the elastic fibers.  Iím reluctant to give you a milligram dose, because the first thing somebody does is run out and get x number of milligrams of copper and in of itself, a lone free-standing nutrient, youíre not going to be happy with the results because of the lack of absorbability and these other co-factors such as amino acids that have to be there for the copper to work very efficiently, including a trace mineral called molybdenum.  And so, I prefer to tell you to take the Pig Arthritis formula twice a day and if you want to speed up the process, Youngevity has a great product called Ultimate Selenium which has some additional chelated copper in it.  And thatís the direction I would go.  



Q:  Dr. Wallach, my 16 year old daughter has been diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia.  What can you do for her?

A:  Thatís actually an easy one.  We eliminated fibromyalgia in animals in 1957.  In sheep it was called Ďstiff lamb diseaseí and also in sheep and calves and fouls, baby horses, and chickens and turkeys and any other animals that were raised for meat, the disease is caused by a deficiency of 3 nutrients:  the trace mineral Selenium, Vitamin E and the sulfur bearing amino acid, methionine.  And thereís two things you have to do to deal with fibromyalgia.  Number 1, eliminate the free radicals and the trans fatty acids that actually initiate damage to the muscle and causing the scarring of the muscle tissues, very painful, even normal muscle movement.  And you can understand why they call it Ďstiff lamb diseaseí, if you have fibromyalgia.  So you eliminate fried foods, such as fried potatoes, which teenagers live on fried potatoes, right so eliminate fried potatoes, fried chicken, fish, shrimp, fried eggs, tempura, stir fry, anything fried, all margarines, salad dressings with oils in them have to be eliminated, and then again the Pig Arthritis formula is perfect because it has optimal amounts of the trace mineral Selenium and both the plant-derived colloidal and the chelated form, has optimal amount of Vitamin E and sulfur bearing amino acid, methionine, it just works like a charm.  Quickly, within weeks and months so they feel and they can recognize some benefit and many people will get significant benefit very quickly.


BABY FORMULAS/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:

Q:  Dr. Wallach, are baby formulas enough for our babies when they are born?

A:  Unfortunately not.  Our formulas we give to dogs, or kittens, have 40 minerals in them, including the minerals lithium, chromium, vanadium, selenium.  Ralston Purina laboratory rat pellets contain 28 minerals, including lithium, chromium, vanadium, selenium.  Thereís not a single human milk replacer on the market on or off the shelf of a grocery store that has more than 12 minerals.  None of them contain lithium, chromium, vanadium and only 2, Pro Soy Bean and Infamil have Selenium in them.  And itís tragic that we give our dogs 40 minerals and our rats 28 and our kids 12 or less, you can begin to see why we spend 1.2 trillion dollars for healthcare last year. 

You can begin to see why we only live to be 75.5, half of our genetic potential for longevity of 120 to 140, why we only ranked 17th in longevity and 19th in healthfulness, simply because we donít get the basic raw material to develop properly and maintain the repair of cells from the very beginning.  Iíll give you a tragic example.  Sudden infant death syndrome is something everybody is familiar with.  We eliminated sudden infant death syndrome in animals back in 1950ís because farmers canít afford to lose 2 or 3 or 5% of the baby animals they are raising to sudden infant death syndrome.  And we learned it was due to a deficiency of the trace mineral, Selenium, causing sudden death in the most robust and healthiest of the baby animals in the group or the herd or the flock, and we eliminated it simply by giving the pregnant mothers Selenium. 

And as soon as the baby was born or hatched it would get Selenium and if you look at the human infant milk replacers on the market, only 2 of all of them put Selenium in the formula.  And so, if I were going to raise a child today on these infant milk replacers, the infant milk formulas in a can, or bottle or box, I would pick the two, Pro Soy Bean and Infamil that have Selenium in them.  And to stack things in favor of the child, I would still give the, from the moment they are born, teaspoon per 20 lbs. of body weight of the Pig Arthritis formula twice a day.  You may not want to use the orange juice in a newborn baby because they can develop allergies to it.  But that would still give them the plant-derived colloidal and the chelated minerals and vitamins and amino acids, and the tragic example of this is, 65% of all the babies dying of sudden infant death syndrome in America are being fed canned milk replacers.  Two-thirds of the ones who die of sudden infant death syndrome are being fed these canned infant formulas.  I guarantee you they are being fed the ones that donít have Selenium in them.  And so, absolutely, itís important to supplement these babies from birth because you canít get everything from your 4 food groups.  Certainly not out of these canned formulas.



Q:  Dr. Wallach, does sleep deprivation affect our bodies much the same as heavy exercise, whether it be through work or athletic endeavor?

A:  Absolutely.  Our bodies require large amounts of rest to regenerate and maintain and repair itself, you notice growing children require a lot of sleep because they are developing and to perform these processes of development and repair and maintenance, we need an enormous amount of rest.  Sleep deprivation can prevent these healing and developing processes.  You can, for a short period of time, replace sleep with nutrition.  Thatís one of the reasons why I am ten pounds overweight, is because I eat 4 or 5 meals a day cause I work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Iíve been doing this for about 12 years now, and you can, for short periods of time, maybe a week or ten days, replace some sleep with nutrition by eating better, taking all 90 essential nutrients as a supplement, but eventually you are going to have to catch up and sleep, otherwise you are not going to repair completely, you are not going to maintain yourself, you are not going to develop properly.  Not only does this affect your physical body, your physiological functions, but also your emotions and your ability to tolerate stress, and so forth.  And so certainly sleep is extremely important.

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