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Why "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" as title? DEAFNESS: DEPRESSION
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Essential Fatty Acids Essential Fatty Acids (DeVroey!) Essential Fatty Acids (Kingmaker)
EXERCISE(2) Dry Eyes Emphysema

Why "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" as a title?

Now a lot of people ask me, “Why did you call your original tape, ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’?”  Why do you call your lecture series “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie?”  Well that’s because I have believed for a long time, because I had done medical research for over 20 years in large medical research institutes, medical schools, the various laboratories, and always had a belief in the medical system, but I was very disappointed when I learned that doctors don’t know the most about health and longevity.  Doctors don’t know most about disease.  They do know about procedures.  You know, how to fix your bones when you break them, and that kind of thing.  How to do a cat scan.  And so I began to look in the medical journals, in the medical school library here in San Diego, and sure enough, the first article ever published on health and longevity of American doctors is published in JAMA in 1895.  They said, at that time, doctors lived to be 54.6.  I redid the study 97 years later, using the same obituary techniques as they did in JAMA, this was Jan. 20, 1993, that particular issue of JAMA, and it turned out that doctors lived to 57.6.  I rounded it up to 58 for the benefit of the doubt, and doctors just went berserk when I said that.  This was the most outrageous thing they had ever heard. 

My principle is, my premise is, that doctors don’t live as long as the average couch potatoes in America.  And I purposely put that figure out there, 58, to try and challenge people.  Well, doctors immediately looked at all the insurance actuarial charts, they got 250,000 dead doctors, they said “Your group is too small”, so they got 250,000 dead doctors, and they said, “Doctors don’t live to be 58, they die at 62.”  They still don’t live to be 75.5 like the average couch potatoes.  We actually reran this again, using the entire obituary history for 1996, and for the entire 1996, all doctors dying in 1996, with all the medical treatments and drugs and procedures and transplants, and doctors in that study lived to be 70.  Still 5.5 years short of the average couch potatoes in America.  So they still have never proved that doctors live as long as everybody else, and that is why “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.  Doctors kill each other, in surgery just like they do everybody else. 

Here’s one of my favorites, Dr. Ian Monroe, 73 years old, was the editor of LAMPTA, the top medical journal, the top international medical journal.  It is very famous, every newspaper in America quotes articles out of LAMPTA.  USA Today, New York Times, San Diego Union Tribune, the cause of death was complications of surgery, which is just a politically correct way of saying the surgeon killed him.  The editor of LAMPTA.  And then of course, when you eliminate fast cars, and suicides, and overdoses of drugs, and airplane accidents and so forth, doctors die of nutritional deficiency diseases, just like everybody else.  I brought you just two or so of my favorites.


In a tin deficiency, the early symptoms are male pattern baldness. (I see a lot of tin deficiency in this room), and if you let it go on for any length of time, you get deafness.
(Dead Doctors Don't Lie)


People with major depression have marked depletions in long chain omega-3 EFAs and particularly in DHA in the membranes of their cells.
(Doc Ed, The Longevity Institute)

DIABETES (Type 1) :

Q:  Dr. Wallach, I’ve been a diabetic for about 30 years.  What kind of minerals should I take to help me?

A:  First of all, are you an Adult Onset Type 2 or a Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetic?  A Juvenile Type 1.  You are insulin dependent because the definition of a Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetic is that you do not make any insulin and so you will never be able to wean off insulin.  You will always have to take some insulin, but there are two trace minerals, chromium and vanadium, that will make the insulin that you supplement yourself with very efficient.  And most people who are Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetics are able to  reduce the amount of insulin they require to stabilize their blood sugar by supplementing with the chromium and vanadium. 

And of course Youngevity has two great sources, the plant derived colloidal chromium and vanadium and the chelated chromium and vanadium, and the Ultimate Sweet Eze.  And normally a person learns how to adjust their insulin by taking their blood sugar once or twice or three times a day and so you are taught how to adjust your insulin intake, and just by following what you have been taught, as you supplement with this plant-derived colloidal and the chelated chromium and vanadium, you will be able to get down to a new dosage of your insulin.  

The value of taking the whole Pig Arthritis formula plus the Ultimate Sweet Eze is that there’s nothing worse than paying attention to your blood sugar levels and your insulin intake and then dying of a ruptured aneurysm because you didn’t supplement with copper.  Or developing cancer because you didn’t supplement with Selenium.  So it is very important, even though you are a diabetic, and that is your primary and immediate concern, still, over the long haul of being a health-conscious person just out of necessity, you are going to have to supplement with all 90 nutrients.  And the odds are, even though you are a Juvenile Onset Type 1 diabetic, you have every honest expectation of living to be 100, symptom-free, if you do everything right.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)

DIABETES (Type 2):

The last one I'll share with you is diabetes. Everybody is touched by diabetes. It's the number 3 cause of death in adults in the United States. And it has terrible complications and side-effects. Diabetes. The side-effects include blindness, of many kinds, then there is the kidney failure, with dialysis and kidney transplant, there's cardiovascular disease of all kinds. And of course that contributes to the number 1 cause of death. Then there's amputations, everybody ought to have one of those, cause they are totally paid for in your health thing, cause they assume that you're not just going to get one cause you want to get everything on your health benefits. And then, you shorten your life, because if you have diabetes, on the average, you have a shorter life span than someone who doesn't have diabetes. Now, we learned in 1957, in the animal industry, that we could prevent and cure diabetes with two trace minerals. That's a pretty profound statement. We could prevent and cure diabetes with two trace minerals, in 1957, in animals, and it was published in Federation Proceedings, which is the official journal of American Science, the National Institute of Health. The official monthly journal, August, 1957. Today when your doctor gets a new diabetic patient, he drops to his knees and says, "Thank you, Lord! And he gets up and he runs to his phone and calls his real estate agent. Because everytime he gets a new diabetic patient, it represents $250,000 to him over a 20-30-40 year period. Because he knows that eventually you are going to go through that. And so he calls his real estate agent and says, "I need a new apartment complex. I need a small farm." They all want strip malls. Kind of like monopoly, they all want strip malls. Well, the two trace minerals that you can get to prevent and cure this are chromium and vanadium.

Vanadium alone, according to the University of Vancouver, British Columbia Medical School, vanadium alone will replace insulin in adult onset diabetics, which represent 85% of all diabetics. Course they can't quit their insulin cold turkey. They got to gradually lean off it, takes 4 to 6 months for most people to slowly wean off insulin, if they are taking in adequate amounts of chromium and vanadium. I've seen it work on hundreds and hundreds of people. Now to me this is criminal. Because if you write to Hills Packing Company that makes Science Diet dogfood (they're right over here in Topeka, Kansas), they manufacture Science Diet dogfood and other Science Diet products, high tech foods for animals. If you write them and say,"How many minerals, exactly, is in Science Diet dogfood?" They'll write back there's 40 minerals. You write Checkerboard Square in St. Louis, Ralston Purina, and say "Just how many minerals are in your rat pellets for laboratory rats?" They'll say there are 28 minerals. I'll give anybody in this room a crisp new $100 bill if you can find me a human infant formula in a grocery store that has more than 11. So dogs get 40 minerals, now this is what Mike Murphy was saying "Dog never seem to get sick", cause he's getting this canned dog food with all these vitamins and minerals in there. So dogs get 40 minerals, rats get 28 minerals, and human infants get 11. Is that fair? No! Doesn't matter if you're talking about SMA, Similac, Isomilk, ProSoyB. In fact, that's why they call Similac, Similac, cause it lacks everything.

Back problems/Cartilage/Disc problems:

Q:  My doctor said that my cartilage, I’m a construction worker, he said that my cartilage damage is permanent.  Is there anything that can be done?

A:  First of all, how old are you?  28 years old.  And what do you normally take for fluid replacement when you’re working out in construction?  What do you drink during the day?  Water.  You don’t drink any soft drinks?  Yes I do.  Okay, because normally construction workers drink a couple of litres of Pepsi a day, right?  Yeah, I could probably put down a litre. And the reason why I ask that, is because caffeine from soft drinks, the phosphates in soft drinks, the sugar in soft drinks, the caffeine in iced tea, hot tea, coffee, will, in fact, interfere with the retention of minerals in your bones.  And did you take any minerals or vitamins while you were working in constructions?  I just recently started taking the products.  While you were in construction, prior to the back problems.  A lot of construction workers will tell me, “well, Doc, if it ain’t in the Pepsi, I don’t get it”.  Right?  And so you’re a perfect candidate for the Pig Arthritis formula, plus the EFA.  You need all 90 nutrients, and give up the bad things.  Give up the soft drinks and the iced tea, and the lemonades, give up the fried foods and the margarines, and I can just tell you, with your age, you can honestly expect to see really recognizable results in a very short time, 60 to 90 days.  And it doesn’t matter what the doctor said, if you do the right things, get rid of the bad things, take all 90 essential nutrients, making sure you get that collagen and glucosamine and the chondroitin sulfate, you will repair your vertebrae, you will repair the cartilage, you will repair the disc.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)

Low back pain(2):

Has nothing to do with disk problems.  I know you have heard of people, maybe even yourself who have had disk surgery for back pain, and after the surgery still had the pain, maybe even worse.  Because back pain is not caused by disk problems.  If you have a disk problem, you can have numbness and tingling, maybe even paralysis if it’s very severe, but disk problems do not cause pain.  If you have low back pain, the odds are you have cramps and spasms in the large muscle group, inside and outside your lower back.  These can sublexate(?), or hit the line in your vertebrae and be uncomfortable, cause a lot of pain.  You also have bone spurs, calcium deposits, arthritis, osteoporosis.  These are the things that cause low back pain.  Now you’re educated, you’re never going to say “Doc, you’re the doctor”, because you’ve gone through this lecture tonight, and unfortunately most Americans have not heard this lecture yet, and as a result, they will spend between $25,000 and $250,000 and voluntarily undergo 5 to 10 surgical procedures for nothing more than the top ten calcium deficiencies.  In any other industry that would be fraud and they would be shut down.  Something you can fix for 25 cents and you walk out with a $5,000 bill, you would be ticked off.  You would want to talk to the manager.  You would want your money back.  You would call the Better Business Bureau.  You would call the State Attorney General.  You’d complain.  Class action suit.  It would be a big mess.  But the medical profession, everybody just runs to the government and says we need more money to pay for it.  Kind of fascinating.


Well, my favorite disease is Arthritis.  The reason why I love Arthritis is that it’s easy to fix.  And when you can fix something as horrible and debilitating and painful and expensive and as miserable as Arthritis, you get kind of excited about this concept of preventing and curing disease with nutrition.  And so I tell people about this arthritis thing all the time.  So let’s have a quick look at arthritis.

Number one, 75-80% of all Americans over the age of 50 get arthritis to one degree or one type or another, and according to the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, 35 to 50 million baby-boomers are going to get arthritis in the next 7 to 10 years and there’s not a single medical treatment designed to treat or fix it.  Aspirin certainly doesn’t fix arthritis, it causes gastric bleeding and death.  Tylenol doesn’t fix arthritis, there’s 50,000 cases of kidney failure each year, 5000 so severe you need a kidney transplant.  Then there’s Ibuprofen, Advil, and Aleve, these things don’t fix arthritis, and they cause liver disease in 2-5% of users including liver sclerosis, even if you don’t drink.  And then there’s metholtrexate(?) and gold shots(?).  These things don’t fix arthritis, they subdue your bone marrow so that you can’t make normal platelets and white blood cells.  Then you have the granddaddy of all medical treatments for arthritis, Prednizone and Cortisone.  They don’t fix arthritis.  They subdue your immune system which leaves you open to diseases far, far more horrible than arthritis, and Prednizone and Cortisone accelerates the loss of minerals from your bone.  Something you don’t want when you have osteoporosis and arthritis. 

When these prescription medications and over-the-counter medications don’t work anymore to relieve pain and inflammation, the only thing left for you medically is joint-replacement surgery.  And I never liked to send my patients in for joint-replacement surgery, cause they never work out well.  In fact, many times you are worse off after the surgery than you were before the surgery. 

The advantage my patients have always had is that I’m a veterinarian as well as a physician.  So I always used to tell my patients “Look, we have all these nutritional formulas designed to prevent and cure disease in animals, including arthritis, and so I tried adapting nutritional arthritis formulas designed to prevent and cure arthritis in pigeons and turkeys, dogs and cats, sheep, pigs, horses, cows, lions, tigers and bears to human use.  It was no surprise to me, it works just as well in humans as it does in animals, because it was designed to prevent and cure arthritis in pigs.  And of course it has some really nifty stuff in it, which I have been telling people to use for 20 years, and I have literally seen tens of thousands of people who have had a regrowth of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone foundation, bone matrix.  Doesn’t matter if they are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, I’ve seen people 97 years old regrow cartilage and bone, even if they had bone to bone arthritis.  If there’s blood supply to that joint and that bone, they will regrow bone and cartilage.

Well, Harvard Medical School goes berserk when you say stuff like that.  “Wallach, you can’t say those things!  And the only thing left when they get bone to bone arthritis is joint-replacement surgery.”  And I would agree with him if the only raw materials you are using is Tylenol and aspirin and Prednizone and Cortisone.  We have learned over 50 years that you can’t regrow cartilage and bones using those things. 

Now one of the basic  things, of course, that the Harvard Medical School jumped on and said “this is so ridiculous that this couldn’t work!”  And so they took 29 arthritis patients who had not responded in any way to heroic medical treatment for arthritis over 15 to 20 years.  They took them off their medication, it wasn’t working anyway, lined them up for joint-replacement surgery, and for 90 days before their surgery they gave them heaping tablespoon of ground up chicken cartilage in their orange juice every morning for 90 days.  They were sort of chuckling in their beer saying “nothing is going to happen”.  Well, here’s what happened.  In 10 days these people had complete relief of pain inflammation that they hadn’t had in 15 to 20 years.  In 30 days they could open up a new pickle jar that had never been opened without pain to the fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders.  In 90 days 28 of the 29 were clinically cured.  Now this is from the Harvard Medical School and the Boston VA.  That meant that they had complete return, 100% return, of the range of motion, all of the pain and inflammation was gone, in their fingers and toes and hips and knees and neck, and certainly many of them still had knots on their fingers, cause it was only 90 days, and you would think they would call me up, these professors from Harvard Medical School and from the Boston VA, and say “Look, Wallach, we have to apologize to you.  We’ve been bad-mouthing you for 20 years and why don’t you come up to Boston, let’s talk about the whole thing?”  Here’s what they said, “After 3 months it was clear that the drug was beneficial.” 

Chicken cartilage had become a drug in 90 days!  Now why would that happen?  Well, because you can’t patten chicken cartilage, and they convinced the US Patten Office that they were using a drug to do this study, and they actually got a use-patten on chicken cartilage.  And you, too, for $3500 a month, can get Harvard Medical School’s chicken cartilage in a capsule for arthritis.  (You can get it for 30 cents a day… ha, ha).  That’s kind of interesting.  And of course,  cartilage or gelatine, has chondroitin sulfate in it, glucosamine sulfate, collagen, these are all the basic raw materials to rebuild cartilage and bone.  Now again I have been telling my human patients this for 20 years.  They’ve been using gelatine and cartilage for race horses for 100 years for their cartilage and ligaments and joints.  And in 1995, a Luke Bucci, an exercise physiologist came out with a great book called “Pain Free”, and he talks about the advantages of gelatine and cartilage and glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and collagen for regrowing cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone foundation, bone matrix, he does this with nutrition.  He does this with glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and collagen and cartilage and gelatine.  Just a couple of months ago, a medical doctor, Dr. Jason Theodisakus, MD, wrote the “Arthritis Cure”, subtitle “the medical miracle that can halt, reverse and may even can cure osteoarthritis.”



Now this is probably the biggest fraud ever perpetuated against the American People.  This cholesterol thing.  Last year Americans were so paranoid about cholesterol they spent 117 billion dollars for cholesterol testing alone, and it did not add 10 seconds to Youngevity.  Now I’ve been telling my human patients for over 20 years to eat two eggs every morning, soft scrambled and buttered, poached, soft-boiled, and eat 72oz. of red meat every month as a source of cholesterol that’s good for you.  And, of course, 98% would just do it.  They would say “Boy, we love Doc Wallach.  He’ll let you eat two eggs for breakfast every morning, 72oz. red meat every month.”  Of course it sounds like a lot, but it’s only a quarter-pounder a day.

But at any rate, there’s always this 2% who are bean counters.  They say “Doc, we love you and respect you, but we read in Cosmopolitan Magazine, or our cardiologist told us that you might as well shoot people in the head as have two eggs every morning for breakfast because of all the cholesterol and heart disease.” 

Well, I’ve been vindicated in this one.  This is a study that was published Nov. 15, 1995.  It was the annual meeting of none other than the American Heart Assoc. in Anaheim, CA., not the National Enquirer, but the American Heart Association.  They finally did the study they should have done 50 years ago.  We did it in animals, so I never believed that cholesterol was the boogey-man that they would have you believe.  They took 141 healthy volunteers with an average blood cholesterol of 227.  Now I get a lot of people come to me and say “Doc, you’ve got to help me find something natural to get my cholesterol down, it’s terribly high and cardiologists want to give you this cholesterol-lowering drugs that will kill you.  Kill your liver and make you blind.”  And I say “Gosh, well how high is your cholesterol?”  And they say “it’s 240”.  Well, the normal blood cholesterol range is between 220 and 270.  So if you have a blood cholesterol of 240 and you get a cardiologist or an internist who is trying to get your blood cholesterol down below 200, you want to find a new doctor.  Don’t buy into that.

At any rate, for six months they had these 141 normal healthy people with an average blood cholesterol of 227, they had them eat 2 eggs every morning for breakfast.  At the end of 6 months they redid their cholesterol, and of course, their cholesterol did go up.  But it went up from 227 to 233.  It went up a whopping 6 points!  Here’s what the American Heart Association said after the six months’ study, at their annual meeting, Anaheim, CA., Nov. 15, 1995:  “We always assume that eggs were bad for you because eggs contain cholesterol.  But it now appears after this simple study that two eggs won’t hurt.”  The American Heart Association.

So, as I tell you to eat two eggs to deal with a particular disease later on, it’s been approved by the American Heart Association, so don’t be shocked.

Cholesterol should really be an essential nutrient, like Calcium, and Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Zinc, and so forth.  You would only make 10% of your daily need.  The other 90% you must get in your diet, and people get real good about restricting red meat, and chicken skin and dairy products, and so it is real easy to get cholesterol out of your life.  And the physicians, the medical profession has created a whole family of diseases that are related to fat deficiency, essential fatty acid deficiencies, cholesterol deficiency, and one of my favorites I’ll share with you.  This particular disease did not exist 40 years ago.  It was not in any medical textbook, it was not in any medical dictionary, it was not taught in any medical course.  It only became a disease entity in the literature in 1979.  Today it’s the number 4 killer of adults over the age of 65, behind cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.  It’s Alzheimer’s Disease.

Essential Fatty Acids:

Flaxseed oil (also known as flax oil or linseed oil) is available as an ALA supplement. A number of fish oils are marketed as omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Ethyl esters of EPA and DHA (ethyl-EPA and ethyl-DHA) are concentrated sources of marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids. Since EPA and DHA content will vary in fish oil and ethyl ester preparations, it is necessary to read the label to determine the EPA and DHA content of a particular supplement. DHA supplements derived from algae are also available. All omega-3 fatty acid supplements are absorbed more efficiently with meals. Dividing one’s daily dose into two or three smaller doses throughout the day will decrease the risk of gastrointestinal side effects (see the section on Safety). Although cod liver oil is a rich source of EPA and DHA, it should be avoided as an omega-3 fatty acid supplement since it also contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin D (117).

Rheumatoid arthritis & EFA:

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common systemic inflammatory rheumatic (joint) disease. A meta-analysis of 10 randomized controlled trials including 395 rheumatoid arthritis patients confirmed consistent findings that supplementation with fish oil for at least 12 weeks decreased the number of tender joints on physical examination and reduced morning stiffness in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (75). In most studies, marine-derived omega-3 fatty acid supplements were taken in addition to conventional medical therapy. In general, clinical benefits were observed at a minimum dose of 3 g/day of EPA + DHA, and were not apparent until at least 12 weeks of supplementation (76). Although a few investigators have reported that patients taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements were able to lower their doses of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) (77, 78), this finding has not been as consistent (76).

  • Alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) are both essential fatty acids. More information)
  • The long-chain or marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) can be synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid or obtained in the diet. More information
  • Western-style diets tend to be much higher in omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Although breastfeeding is still the preferred method for infant feeding, formulas for preterm infants should contain DHA and arachidonic acid to promote optimal vision development. More information
  • A large body of scientific research suggests that increased dietary omega-3 fatty acid intakes are associated with significantly decreased risks of cardiovascular diseases, prompting the American Heart Association to recommend that all adults eat fish, particularly fatty fish, at least twice weekly. More information
  • The results of randomized controlled trials indicate that increasing omega-3 fatty acid intakes can decrease the risk myocardial infarction (MI) and sudden cardiac death in individuals with coronary heart disease (CHD). This evidence was strong enough to support a recommendation by the American Heart Association that patients with documented CHD consume 1 gram/day of EPA and DHA combined. More information
  • Increasing EPA and DHA intakes may be beneficial to individuals with diabetes, especially those with elevated serum triglycerides, and there is little evidence that intakes of less than 3 grams/day of EPA + DHA adversely affect long-term blood glucose control. More information
  • Fish oil supplementation for at least 12 weeks has consistently decreased the number of tender joints and reduced morning stiffness in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. More information
  • Although limited preliminary data suggests that omega-3 fatty acid supplementation may be beneficial in the therapy of some psychiatric disorders, larger controlled clinical trials are needed to determine their efficacy. More information
  • Although serious side effects from fish oil and omega-3 fatty acid supplements have not been reported, pregnant and breastfeeding women, individuals on anticoagulant medications, and individuals with compromised immune systems should consult with their health care providers before starting supplements. More information
    (Dr. Linus Pauling)

Blood Cholesterol and Triglycerides

It is through their participation in cell membrane structure and function that n-3 EFAs regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels. (More)
(The Longevity Institute)

Regulation of Inflammation, and Immunity

EFAs are the sole raw material for the production of prostaglandins, the hormones that among other things regulate inflammation and immunity.

Prostaglandins come in two categories.

The prostaglandins from the first category increase blood coagulation, a very useful process if you cut your finger. The prostaglandins from the first category also stimulate inflammatory processes, again very useful when needed, and they initiate and maintain immune reactions.

The prostaglandins from the second category balance the effect of the prostaglandins from the first group. The prostaglandins from the second group improve blood fluidity, reduce inflammation, and slow down the immune response.

One can say that the prostaglandins from the first group are the accelerators of the immune systems, of inflammation and coagulation while the prostaglandins from the second group are the brakes.

Our biochemistry synthesizes the prostaglandins through a line of intermediate products. The prostaglandins of the first category are made with n-6 EFAs as raw material and the prostaglandins of the second category are made from n-3 EFAs exclusively.
(The Longevity Institute)


Q:  Hello, Dr. Wallach, the women in my family are plagued with hay fever and asthma and allergies, and every summer I have to listen to them nattering on about all their symptoms and the latest drugs they got from their doctor, and I don’t want to join those ranks.  Is there a better way?

A:  Absolutely, let’s start with asthma, it’s the easiest one to deal with.  Asthma is actually a deficiency of three nutrients: magnesium, manganese, and the essential fatty acids (EFA).  And by taking the Pig Arthritis formula twice a day you’re going to get the optimal amounts of the plant-derived colloidal and the chelated magnesium and manganese.  And then by taking minimum daily requirements of the 9 grams of the essential fatty acids, that would be 3 of the Ultimate EFA capsules with each meal, 9 a day, that’s going to give you the minimum daily requirement of the essential fatty acids, and those three nutrients together – magnesium, manganese, essential fatty acids, will allow you to produce what’s called prostaglandin.  Prostaglandin's are little short-lived hormones that last in your bloodstream 30 seconds, 60 seconds.  So your body is continuously making them, kind of rapid-fire, and when you don’t have those three nutrients you’re not making the proper prostaglandin's to keep your bronchi and your tracheae open, and that’s when you develop asthma. 

It’s very common when people take all 90 essential nutrients including the magnesium and manganese and the essential fatty acids, within weeks or months the tightness that’s a constant tightness in their chest is significantly reduced, from 8 even totally relieved.  The frequency and severity of their asthma attacks significantly is reduced.  Certainly still keep an inhaler available in case you have some unexpected emergency, kind of like wearing your seat belt.  Even though you’re on a smooth flight and you’re not going to anticipate sudden turbulence, you need to be prepared for emergencies, but you have every honest expectation of doing very well.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)


"It is worth mentioning that an allergic reaction to shrimp is always much less severe than the allergic reaction to peanuts.  The reason for this difference is very simple.  Aside from the allergens it comes with, peanuts contain omega-6 EFAs exclusively, the EFAs that boost immmune reaction, while shrimp are rich in long chain omega-3 EFAs that are, as we have seen, the brakes fo the immune system."
(Doc Ed, The Longevity Institute)

"Of all the foods listed..., flaxseed oil appears to be the only candidate that can really do the job for us of both increasing omega-3 EFAs and decreasing the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 EFAs."  (as cooking oil...)
(Doc Ed, The Longevity Institute)

"the long and the short of it is that the only real way to restore our health is to increase our consumption of food and/or supplements that already contain the omega-3 long chain essential fatty acids EPA and DHA."
(Doc Ed, The Longevity Institute)


Q:  I have a son that has grand mal seizures.  Can you recommend anything for that:

A:  Okay, well first of all, was your son born with these grand mal seizures?  Yes, he was.  He was born with it, he has hydrocephalus, cerebropalsy.

Okay, first of all cerebropalsy and hydrocephalus are what’s called a congenital birth defect.  These are caused by nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy.  They can be a Zinc deficiency, Vitamin A deficiency, Copper deficiency, and it has two problems there, and it’s not unusual, because a deficiency of single nutrient can cause as many as 10 different diseases.  So, your son unfortunately has a very common series of events here, and because the epilepsy, the congenital birth disorder is associated with these two congenital birth defects, the odds are the nutrition alone will not put the genii back in the bottle.  And he might have to stay on an anti-seizure medication, such as dilantin or phenobarb forever.  However, the thing that you have to be concerned with is almost all of these anti-seizure medications have a down side in that they deplete their bones and minerals.  It’s not unusual for a 6 yr old or a 10 yr old to get arthritis or osteoporosis, noisy joints, and  twitches and cramps, and loose teeth and receding gums and back problems and all the things that are associated with mineral deficiencies.  So your child is a perfect candidate for the Pig Arthritis formula, simply because he is on dilantin, or another anti-seizure medication.  Very important.

Does he weigh less than 100 pounds?  Yes, he does.  Okay, then I would give him a teaspoon of the Pig Arthritis formula per 20 lbs of body weight , if he weighs 40 lbs. you give him 2 teaspoons twice a day, if he weighs 60 lbs, 3 teaspoons or a tablespoon twice a day, and if he weighs 10 lb, you give him a half a teaspoon.  So it depends what weight category he falls into.  And again, there’s no reason he can’t live to be 100, and usually these youngsters with these types of congenital birth defects die of some nutritional deficiency disease.  And so by giving him all 90 essential nutrients, you will extend his life enormously.

  And it won’t hurt him in any way?

  I love that question.  No, absolutely not.  It won’t hurt him.

  Thank you!

You are welcome.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)  

Esophageal Cancer:

The University of Arizona Medical School took 1300 people, put them on 250-500mcg Selenium, and for 10 years they looked at them for skin cancer.  And it didn’t help skin cancer, we know that, because Selenium doesn’t work for skin cancer.  Zinc, and Beta Carotene and Vitamin E works for skin cancer.  What they found out serendipitously, they weren’t expecting this, it just sort of popped out of the study, they were able to reduce esophageal cancer by 71%, they were able to reduce prostate cancer by 69% fellows, better than two thirds, they were able to reduce colon and rectal cancer by 64%, almost two thirds, they were able to reduce lung cancer, whether you smoked or not, by 48%, and ladies, in a parallel study from the University of California by the great Dr. Gerhardt Schrauser, he said you can reduce your risk of breast cancer, depending on the type of breast cancer, by 50-85%, by taking 250 to 500 mcg  (of Selenium) everyday.
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Q:  Dr. Wallach, it seems like every week I pick up a newspaper, I see about our young athletes having problems with their bodies falling apart, like cardiomyopathy and challenges like that.  What can we give our athletes and our children so that they can be healthy and have long lives that we want as well.

A:  That’s a great question because most people believe that exercise is good for you, and that was always a great question, you know… “is exercise good for you, is it necessary for health and longevity?”  And when you inspect this question, you have to look at professional athletes who spend most of their teenage years going to university, and the semi-pros and the pros, training and practicing and doing their events.  And if exercise was the factor in living a long healthy life, athletes should live longer than couch potatoes.  But when you look at this critically, couch potatoes in America live to be 75.5 and the average athlete, depending upon the sport and their level of competence, live to be 62 to 68… far short of what a couch potato lives to be. 

And of course athletes suffer a great many joint diseases and bone diseases, tendons and ligaments, back, neck, shoulders, ankles, knees and hips, and they have to suffer through an enormous amount of surgeries to deal with this, and athletes develop some 800 different diseases.  And why is it that athletes don’t fare as well as the couch potato is simply because athletes sweat more in 5 years than couch potatoes do in 75 years.  And when you sweat, you’re not just sweating out Gatorade, you’re sweating out all 60 essential minerals.  And they are called essential minerals because if they’re missing for any length of time you get some horrible degenerative disease, many of which are life-threatening. 

So, you don’t have to be rocket scientist to figure out who is more likely to be debilitated or even die of these life-threatening diseases, an athlete who sweats out quarts of sweat during an event or training or practice, or a couch potato who is laying on a couch in an air conditioned den switching the channel yelling “Honey, bring in the popcorn, I’m changing the channel”.  And this is very serious because the Center for Disease Control says that as many as 100,000 athletes under the age of 30, - 100,000 each year die suddenly during an event or training or exercise, or immediately after an event from cardiomyopathy heart disease which you mentioned, and ruptured aneurysm.  The cardiomyopathy heart disease is due to a Selenium deficiency and ruptured aneurysm is due to a copper deficiency.  Begin to put two and two together.  Why does a ten year old die of a ruptured aneurysm?  Well, he sweats out all of his copper and you can’t get copper from curly French Fries and Pepsis.  It just doesn’t work.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)


The last medical ka-ka we want to look at, before we get into the longevity stuff, is exercise.  How many of you have ever heard that exercise is good for you?  You’re asleep at the wheel if you haven’t heard that one.  Well, if that were true, people who exercise should live longer than people who are couch potatoes, right?  The average couch potatoe in America lives to be 75.5, the average athlete, depending on the sport and the level of competence, lives to be 62 to 68.  So there is something wrong with this theory that exercise alone is good for you. 

I want you to think about Jim Fixx, who died in 1984 at age 52.  Jim Fixx was running 10 miles a day from the early 60’s believing that if you ran 10 miles a day seven days a week you could live to be over 100.  And he refused to take vitamins and minerals because he believed he would muddy the water and he wanted to prove that it was the exercise that helped you live to be over 100.  And so he refused to take any vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, and when he was 52 years old he had 5 cardiomyopathy heart attacks.  Five Selenium deficiency heart attacks in his 52nd year.  The 5th one killed him.  When they did the autopsy on Jim Fix, they said “Gosh, his arteries are as clean as a newborn baby’s”, but he had a huge technical problem, his heart was dead.  Doesn’t matter how clean your arteries are if your heart is dead it doesn’t matter, does it? 

And you look at people like Jesse Owens.  Won 4 gold medals in track and field in the 1936 in Berlin, died at age 66.  The Flying Finns were the Olympic team for track and field for Finland during the 20’s and 30’s.  They dominated 3 Olympics in a row.   Won most of the gold, most of the silver almost all the bronze medals during those three Olympics and two in the late 20’s and the first Olympics in the 30’s.  They dominated everybody.  None of them lived to be 70 years of age.

Well here’s the last one on exercise before we get into the longevity.  Dr. Michael P. Artise, 38 years old, was also a runner, and this guy ran all through Junior High and High School, and college and medical school, and when he graduated he still loved exercise and believed it was good for you.  And he tried to carry this love of exercise to his patients so he gave them a 10% discount on his medical services if they would run with him 2 weeks out of every month.  Now this particular fateful day, Dr. Michael P. Artise, 38 years old, was jogging with a big group, gallery of his patients, kind of like Forest Gump, running down this road, and he collapsed and died in front of his horrified patients.  But it was billing week, so nobody stopped to give him CPR because they didn’t want to lose that 10% discount on his services.

Omega-3s Could Lower Risk Of Dry Eye Syndrome


Consuming omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome, suggests a new study.


Researchers from the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston analyzed data from participants

in the Women's Health Study who were aged 45-84 years old. After adjustment for demographic factors, hormone therapy, and total fat intake, those in the highest quintile of omega-3 fatty acid intake were 17 percent less likely to develop the syndrome.


The team of researchers says their findings are consistent with anecdotal clinical observations and postulated biological mechanisms
(Youngevity Newsletter 10/20-05)

Tomato Juice Prevents Emphysema In Animal Model 

Consuming tomato juice "completely" prevented emphysema in mice exposed to tobacco smoke, report researchers from Japan. The results suggest smokers and non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke could benefit from daily intake of tomato juice (although you should always avoid tobacco smoke altogether). "Smoke induced emphysema was completely prevented by concomitant ingestion of Lycopene from tomato juice", wrote lead author Satoshi Kasagi in the American Journal of Physiology - Lung Molecular Physiology. (Published online October 2005)


Kingmaker has determined from experience that problematic diarrhea has several solutions.  For normal diarrhea, 2 inner leaf aloe vera capsules.

For extreme, prolonged or acute diarrhea, PROBIOTIC ENZYMES and COLLOIDAL SILVER  It sure worked for me, when all else had failed.


You are probably allergic to milk, wheat or soy.  This is an immune disorder... allergy.
-Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids EPA/DHA (salmon & flaxseed) 5 grams 3 times per day
-vit. E (1000 iu)
-vit. A as Beta Carotene (300,000 iu)
-vit. C to bowel tolerance (10,000 mg max)
-zinc (50 mg)
-selenium (1000 mcg)
In other words, you certainly need the PigPak plus EFA and Selenium.... see modified here:
Above quoted from Dr. Ma Lan, MD, Dr. Wallach's wife.


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