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Hay Fever: Heart disease(1) Heart disease(2)
Heart disease(3) Hearing/Deafness HEMMORHOIDS
Herbs: Hormones: Hyperactivity:
Hypertension/high blood pressure: IODINE Immune System (DeVroey!)
Insomnia: Hyporthyroidism - see Thyroid  

Hay Fever:

Then, as far as inhalant allergies from dust and pollen, seasonal ones from dust and pollen, and maybe constant ones from danders on cats and dogs and chickens and feathers and your pillows and that kind of thing, maybe even chemicals that come out of rugs, and new cars, like formaldehyde and other chemicals, you want to get your immune system working optimally so it can protect you from these things.  Because most people are able to tolerate them.  And what happens is when your immune system doesn’t have enough nutrition to function optimally you become a victim of these things assaulting you all the time.  And so what you want to do is 1) take all 90 essential nutrients so that your immune system, which includes your liver and your spleen, your tonsils and your appendix, your thymus, your white blood cells which include the neutraphils and the lymphocytes, the killer lymphocytes – the T-cells and so forth, also you have eosinophils and basophiles, you have neutraphils… all of these while blood cells, you have albumins and globulins which are the immune proteins, you have antibodies themselves, you have your digestive system, your skin, your tears, your mucous, - all of that requires 90 essential nutrients to produce this immune system which is not just your killer T-cells, it includes all of these tissues and cells and organs of your body.  Also if you have these types of problems, you want to get one of these hepa filters at your workplace and your home when you sleep.  You can get ones that you plug in your car.  You want to eat as much organically grown food as possible.  You want to drink filtered water.  You want to get as many chemicals out of your diet as possible and reduce this pressure on your immune system.

If you have food allergies you want to have a 5 day rotation diet.  And you want to take the wonderful digestive aid we have at Youngevity called Ultimate Enzymes which has the pepsin and the betaine hydrochloride which will help a person digest the proteins down into single amino acid.  And it’s the proteins and the allergens such danders and foods and pollens and dust that cause or initiate an attack of asthma.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)


So, you don’t have to be rocket scientist to figure out who is more likely to be debilitated or even die of these life-threatening diseases, an athlete who sweats out quarts of sweat during an event or training or practice, or a couch potato who is laying on a couch in an air conditioned den switching the channel yelling “Honey, bring in the popcorn, I’m changing the channel”.  And this is very serious because the Center for Disease Control says that as many as 100,000 athletes under the age of 30, - 100,000 each year die suddenly during an event or training or exercise, or immediately after an event from cardiomyopathy heart disease which you mentioned, and ruptured aneurysm.  The cardiomyopathy heart disease is due to a Selenium deficiency and ruptured aneurysm is due to a Copper deficiency.  Begin to put two and two together.  Why does a ten year old die of a ruptured aneurysm?  Well, he sweats out all of his copper and you can’t get copper from curly French Fries and Pepsis.  It just doesn’t work.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)


How many of you here have ever heard of a guy by the name of Stewart Berger? He wrote 5 best-selling books on diet, and health and nutrition. He got his degree from Tuft Medical School, which is a very fine medical school in Boston, not too far away from Harvard Medical School. And the books he wrote, "The Southampton Diet for Weight Loss", he wrote "Forever Young," "20 years Younger in 20 weeks", and "How to be your own Nutritionist". And he died at age 40. How would you like to follow his dietary practices? He died at age 40 of cardiomyopathy, which is a Selenium deficiency. The same as white muscle disease, or stiff lamb disease, and any farmer can go to a feed store and get Selenium pellets or Selenium injections, things like Seletok and Bozie. And Dr. Stewart Berger, a fellow who wrote 5 best-selling books on nutrition, died of a nutritional deficiency. He didn't have expensive urine.

You can prevent, totally prevent, cardiomyopathy for ten cents a day. And if we don't do it, we are malignant dumb, I like to call it. Malignant dumb if you don't take in ten cents a day of Selenium. It's a waste of your life. It's one of those landmines that you can avoid.

The medical treatment of choice for cardiomyopathy is a heart transplant, costs $750,000. I want you to think about that. They get the heart free from a donor, they get the blood free for the surgery from the relatives. They use $2.50 of sucher material, and they charge you $750,000 for that procedure. Now 6 months ago in LA when they had the earthquake, they were putting people in jail for 60 and 90 days for price-gouging, for selling these terrified people a gallon of water for $4.00. They put them in jail for price-gouging, for selling them a gallon of water for four bucks. Now to me that's entrepeneurealism. That's being in business for yourself. If you had a way to distill water and make water and you had a car and you could get in there and sell those people a gallon of water for $4, more power to you. Because if you go to a Seven-Eleven and buy a quart of Evian water it's $1.29. So four of those quarts is $5.00. Kind of interesting, isn't it? And they said it was price-gouging because those people were terrified.

Well talk about a person who needs a new heart, they're terrified. $750,000, we should put those doctors in jail. But we bow to them because it is high-tech medicine. Out of 250,000,000 people in America they save about 50 a year. Is that cost-effective? I don't think so. Any rate, Dr. Stewart Berger didn't have expensive urine.

Now here's the last one, and many of you might know this woman. Her name is Dr. Gail Clark. She was aged 47. She was the Chief Cardiologist at W. St. Louis County group of hospitals. She was the Chief Cardiologist for the St. Mary's Health Center in Richmond Heights, in St. Louis County. Guess what she died from? Heart attack. Cardiomyopathy heart attack. You can just see her walking down the hall, she's got the stethoscope around her neck. This is her little status symbol, got my stethoscope around my neck. Back while I was in school they folded it up very bravely and put it in their pocket. Run! She has a heart attack, she falls down right in the hall. And of course the nurses scoop her up and put her on a gurney, and they call the technicians, and another doctor, "Code 3, Code 3, Code Blue", whatever it is. And they whip her into the room, and lets say you are a cardiac patient, you're laying there, you're all hooked up to the monitors and the IV's, and you hear them say, "Okay, get her clothes off. Okay, stand back. Didn't work, turn it up. Stand back. And then you hear that terrible sound when you know that the treatment didn't work. The flat line when you know the heart is gone. And everybody walks out of the room dejected, and you say, "Nurse, nurse, what happened next door?" And she says, "Well, your cardiologist, you know, the Chief Cardiologist for this hospital, aged 47, Dr. Gail Clark, just died of a cardiomyopathy heart attack." You can see all the patients are holding their gowns, and they're running out of that hospital, leaving their watches and their shoes and their checkbooks and their plastic credit cards, cause they don't want to get what Dr. Gail Clark got. (My Mommy sent me that one).

Lastly, on that subject, how many have ever heard of Reggie Lewis? Reggie Lewis was a great athlete, he didn't use four letter words, didn't use drugs. Not a bad word came out of his mouth. In April, 1993, he collapsed on the floor during a game with the San Antonio Spurs, and his diagnosis was cardiomyopathy. Now because he was an athlete and in good shape, he survived that first heart attack. The Boston Celtics paid 12 cardiologists a million dollars each on the front end to save Reggie. Save Reggie, they spent 12 million bucks. They didn't take 20 dollars and send a medical student to the library to find out what are all the causes of cardiomyopathy, they just argued and bickered over who was going to get famous and rich by doing the heart surgery, the transplant, on Reggie. Well, July 28, 1993, Reggie died of his cardiomyopathy. Now here is a 65 million dollar a year athlete, and they paid 12 million dollars for 12 cardiologists to save him. What chance do you think you have, in a hospital where the cardiologist needs a Mercedes payment or has 5 ex-wives to pay. He's not going to give you ten cents a day of Selenium. He wants $750,000. He earned it! He went to medical school for eight years! Well if you believe that's true, then you just go right ahead and get in line. But if you object to that, don't get in line, and take your Selenium.
(Dead Doctors Don't Lie)


Now this is probably the biggest fraud ever perpetuated against the American People.  This cholesterol thing.  Last year Americans were so paranoid about cholesterol they spent 117 billion dollars for cholesterol testing alone, and it did not add 10 seconds to Youngevity.  Now I’ve been telling my human patients for over 20 years to eat two eggs every morning, soft scrambled and buttered, poached, soft-boiled, and eat 72oz. of red meat every month as a source of cholesterol that’s good for you.  And, of course, 98% would just do it.  They would say “Boy, we love Doc Wallach.  He’ll let you eat two eggs for breakfast every morning, 72oz. red meat every month.”  Of course it sounds like a lot, but it’s only a quarter-pounder a day.

But at any rate, there’s always this 2% who are bean counters.  They say “Doc, we love you and respect you, but we read in Cosmopolitan Magazine, or our cardiologist told us that you might as well shoot people in the head as have two eggs every morning for breakfast because of all the cholesterol and heart disease.” 

Well, I’ve been vindicated in this one.  This is a study that was published Nov. 15, 1995.  It was the annual meeting of none other than the American Heart Assoc. in Anaheim, CA., not the National Enquirer, but the American Heart Association.  They finally did the study they should have done 50 years ago.  We did it in animals, so I never believed that cholesterol was the boogey-man that they would have you believe.  They took 141 healthy volunteers with an average blood cholesterol of 227.  Now I get a lot of people come to me and say “Doc, you’ve got to help me find something natural to get my cholesterol down, it’s terribly high and cardiologists want to give you this cholesterol-lowering drugs that will kill you.  Kill your liver and make you blind.”  And I say “Gosh, well how high is your cholesterol?”  And they say “it’s 240”.  Well, the normal blood cholesterol range is between 220 and 270.  So if you have a blood cholesterol of 240 and you get a cardiologist or an internist who is trying to get your blood cholesterol down below 200, you want to find a new doctor.  Don’t buy into that.

At any rate, for six months they had these 141 normal healthy people with an average blood cholesterol of 227, they had them eat 2 eggs every morning for breakfast.  At the end of 6 months they redid their cholesterol, and of course, their cholesterol did go up.  But it went up from 227 to 233.  It went up a whopping 6 points!  Here’s what the American Heart Association said after the six months’ study, at their annual meeting, Anaheim, CA., Nov. 15, 1995:  “We always assume that eggs were bad for you because eggs contain cholesterol.  But it now appears after this simple study that two eggs won’t hurt.”  The American Heart Association.

So, as I tell you to eat two eggs to deal with a particular disease later on, it’s been approved by the American Heart Association, so don’t be shocked.

Cholesterol should really be an essential nutrient, like Calcium, and Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Zinc, and so forth.  You would only make 10% of your daily need.  The other 90% you must get in your diet, and people get real good about restricting red meat, and chicken skin and dairy products, and so it is real easy to get cholesterol out of your life.  And the physicians, the medical profession has created a whole family of diseases that are related to fat deficiency, essential fatty acid deficiencies, cholesterol deficiency, and one of my favorites I’ll share with you.  This particular disease did not exist 40 years ago.  It was not in any medical textbook, it was not in any medical dictionary, it was not taught in any medical course.  It only became a disease entity in the literature in 1979.  Today it’s the number 4 killer of adults over the age of 65, behind cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.  It’s Alzheimer’s Disease.


 Then there’s the subject of herbs.  Lot of people say to me, “Doc, I don’t need to take vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, because I use herbs.”  Now, herbs are not nutrition.  You have to understand that herbs are not nutrition.  They are plant medicines.  They’re safer, they’re more economical, and in most cases they are more effective than prescription medications that doctors will give you, but they are plant medicines.  If you have diarrhea, they will tighten you up.  If you have constipation, they will loosen you up.  If you have hypertension or high blood pressure, they can bring it down.  If you have a fever, they can bring it down.  But don’t expect to get enough Calcium or Selenium, or Boron or Copper, or Vitamin A from herbs.  And another good friend by the name of Tommy Bass, was an expert on herbs and he lived like Yul Gibbons up in the mountains out in the east, wrote many many best-selling books on herbs, and he died at age 88 and a lot of people will say, “Hey, that’s pretty good.  He lived 12 years longer than the average American.”  But you are going to see in a minute that that’s only half of your genetic capability, your genetic capacity for longevity.  And if Tommy Bass had taken vitamins and minerals as well as the herbs, he would probably still be alive today.  There’s no proof in the pudding that you can get enough nutrition from herbs.


The very first symptom of copper deficiency in human beings is white, gray and silver hair.  Copper is required as a co-factor to manufacture hair pigment, doesn’t matter whether it is red, blonde, brown or black hair, and I see a lot of copper deficiency in this room.  I can almost tell you which people, men and women, have colored their hair.  I’m good at that, being a physician, and you don’t want to be like a medical doctor and just treat the symptoms.  If you are coloring your hair, you are just treating the symptoms.  You need to do the basic things, take some colloidal copper, and if you don’t what’s going to happen is, you get a breakdown in the elastic fibers of your skin, and you begin getting crows’ feet around the corners of your eyes and mouth, parts of your anatomy begin to sag, and you know you’re in trouble when your doctor tells you “I’ve got a golf buddy down the hall who is a plastic surgeon.  And for $10,000 he’ll make you look 20 years younger.  But you don’t need face-life, a booby-lift, a tummy-tuck, or a derriere-lift.  All you need is some colloidal copper and everything will come back up, just like you had a hydraulic jack under it.  It will just come right back up.  Those elastic fibers tighten right up.  They’ll say, “Francine, did you get a face lift?  You look like you are 20 years younger.”  Now if you don’t take some action at that point, the next thing that happens is, breakdown in your elastic fibers in the large veins of your legs and you get varicose veins.  You don’t take action at that point, you get a breakdown in the large veins of your exhaust pipe and you get hemorrhoids.  So if you have hemorrhoids, varicose veins, things that sag, wrinkles, white, gray or silver hair, the odds are you have aneurysms developing in you somewhere, and you don’t want to, of course, die suddenly of a ruptured aneurysm when your body has been warning you for 10, 20, 30 years. 

Just remember, people don’t die suddenly of an aneurysm, it may be you drop and die.  Think about Albert Einstein.  He died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm at 68 years of age.  What color was his hair?  He was famous for wild, white hair, wasn’t he?  Now you would like to think that people who win the Nobel Prize in Medicine at least live to be 75.5, but they live to be 58 just like other doctors.  And that’s because they are trained, and they believe, and practice that they can get everything you need from your four food groups.  Doesn’t matter if you win the Nobel Prize or not. 

This guy, Dr. George Kohler, was the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine in history.  37 years old, wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and he won it by studying monocline antibodies, which antibodies trained to attack cancer cells.  If they ever get this really working, it will be great, because they won’t have to use chemo-therapy anymore, which kills more people than it saves.  Eleven years after winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. George Kohler, now 48, drops dead of a cardiomyopathy heart attack, because he believed/practiced that you can get everything you need from your four food groups.  Didn’t take any Selenium, died of a cardiomyopathy heart attack.

Now I have to tell you, why athletes are early warning systems.  Couch potatoes, by definition, are people who go to extraordinary efforts not to sweat.  They make every human effort not to sweat.  They are changing the TV channels, “Honey, bring in the popcorn, I’m changing the channels.  Honey, bring in the TV Guide, I’m changing the channels.”  Well, by contract, athletes have the attitude, “no pain, no gain”.  They are out there sweating, working away, power-training, strength training, running and they sweat.  Athletes, no matter of age, sweat more in 5 years than couch potatoes do in 70 years.  And when you sweat, you don’t just sweat out Potassium and Gatorade, you sweat out all 60 essential minerals.  If you sweat out all your Selenium and you don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of getting a cardiomyopathy heart attack.  You sweat out all your copper and don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of developing an aneurysm and dying suddenly of a ruptured aneurysm.  If you sweat out all your chromium and vanadium and don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of getting diabetes.  And if you sweat out all your calcium and magnesium, boron and zinc, and sulphur, and other minerals that are required for cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone, you’re going to get a joint/bone injury.  What is the biggest single cause of an athlete’s career being ended early?  Joint and bone problems, right?  It’s because they sweat out all the basic minerals they need to maintain those parts of the body and they don’t supplement with them because doctors tell them they can get everything they need from the four food groups.

What are the early warning system for mineral deficiency?  Well, I already told you about white, gray or silver hair for a copper deficiency.  Liver spots or age spots on the back of your hand, side of your face or neck is caused by a Selenium deficiency.  And you know, again, about Selenium deficiency.  Then, of course, you have toe cramps, leg cramps, hypertension.  These things are all caused by a deficiency of calcium, and if you’re an athlete at age 25 or 15, and you get a leg cramp, it’s a calcium deficiency.  Your body is telling you, if you don’t stop drinking those Pepsis and start supplementing with some calcium, by the time you are 40, 50, 60 years old you’re going to suffer with arthritis and osteoporosis.  But most people say, I have to get this high-priced trainer.  I need somebody who can give me massage therapy because I have this cramp.  And they don’t go and take their supplements. 
(Trust Me, I'm a Doctor)


Also it helps you make estrogen. Helps you fellows make testosterone. If you don't get enough Boron, you ladies are going to suffer, miserably, going through menopause. You're going to have all those terrible symptoms. You fellows don't get enough Boron, can't make enough testosterone, you won't know whether to lead or follow on the dance floor. You're going to be confused. She faints, she's got a Boron deficiency.
(Dead Doctors Don't Lie)


And if you have low blood sugar. How many have every seen a hyperactive kid who gets on sugar? People who have sugar problems are like alcoholics, there is good ones and bad ones. The good alcoholics are one that when they get a few drinks they just go off in the corner and just go to sleep. Same way with somebody with low blood sugar, they eat a big meal or eat a piece of pie, then 3 hours later they conk out and go to sleep.

Then there's bad alcoholics, they are the ones that get two drinks in them and they violent and rage and want to fight everybody, punch holes in the wall, big brave fellows, and they kick their wife, and kick the dog, and take the chain saw and cut their neighbor's tree down, and all these wild things, and drive reckless down the roads and kill people. Those are the bad drunks. Well people who have blood sugar problems have bad blood sugar people too. They get a little crazy.

I don't know how many remember the Twinkie defense? Somebody murdered two people, and he claimed he ate a Twinkie 3 hours before he murdered them, so they let him off because he got temporarily insane every time he ate sugar. Now don't any of you try that! Well chromium and vanadium deficiency will result in the sugar problems. Low blood sugar, and if you let it go on for any length of time you develop diabetes. Chromium and vanadium.
(Dead Doctors Don't Lie)

Hypertension/high blood pressure:

Then there is hypertension. This is one of my favorites, so I'll put a star over here. Hypertension is high blood pressure. What's the first nutritional thing your doctor will tell you to give up when you get high blood pressure? Salt. Everybody knows that one, it has been ingrained in our heads. Well, they must think we are dumber than cows, because what is the first thing you put out for your cows, and it's about that big? A salt block. No farmer is going to be economically viable if you don't put a salt block out for your livestock. They're going to die. They're going to get their veterinary bill and they are going to go crazy. Now we're supposed to believe that we don't need salt, that we can get everything we need out of your lettuce and your whole wheat bread, and stuff like that. Well don't believe that one either. If you believe that, I've got some more ocean front property in Montana. Remember, those long-lived people put a big chunk of rock salt the size of a big black Concorde grape in every cup of tea, and they drink about 40 cups of tea a day cause they live at high altitudes where it is very dry, and they have to keep hydrated. And they put butter in their tea. They put two pats of butter and chunks of rock salt. They don't put the pink stuff or the blue stuff, or skim milk, or Creamora, or whatever it is. Guess what? The doctors who lived to be 58 tell you, "No salt, no butter". The people who live to be 120, they put in butter and salt. You have got to make some choices.

They took 30 million dollars of your tax money, and two years ago, after a 20 year study, they came out and said that they took 5,000 people with high blood pressure. They took them off their medication, and put them on a reduced salt diet, a restricted salt diet, and they all died. No big surprise. But somebody got a PH.D. degree and everybody was happy, right? But when they looked at this result, they said, "Oh, only 99.7% of the people didn't get any results from that before they died. 0.3% did get some results, dropped their blood pressure 1 point before they died, by restricting their salt." So the referees said, "Oh, doesn't matter. You might as well let high blood pressure patients eat salted peanuts, and dill pickles, and salt to their food to taste, cause it doesn't matter. In fact, worrying about the salt is more stress than taking the salt.

Then they had a controlled group with 5,000 people with high blood pressure and they doubled their RDA of calcium and they stopped their experiment in 6 weeks. Cause 85% of them were cured of their high blood pressure, just by doubling their calcium intake.

Now they didn't, cold turkey, stop their high blood pressure medication, what they did was, they went to the doctor and he said, "You don't need this medication anymore. What are you doing?"

"Well, I'm on this experiment where I double my calcium intake."

Anybody get a recall notice from your doctor saying it's okay to salt your food to taste, and please do double your calcium intake? Anybody get that? Not a single one. It's very interesting.
(Dead Doctors Don't Lie)


Then, of course, there's insomnia. That's where you roll around all night, and when you wake up in the morning you're more tired than when you went to bed. That's insomnia. Of course doctors have two treatments for that. They have Halcyon, which is sleeping pill, and they have barbiturates. They kill about 10,000 people a year with overdoses of those things. But that's okay, it's in prescription, and they're watching out for us. Remember George Bush when he went to Japan. They gave him some Halcyon so he could sleep on the way to Japan cause of the time difference, and when he woke up, one of the side effects of Halcyon is nausea and vomiting. I don't know how you say it in Japanese, but it was very dramatic on world TV, right? Not very presidential. I'm sure that's why he lost the election, cause he puked over that Japanese Ambassador.  (CalciumDouble your intake of calcium!)
(Dead Doctors Don't Lie)


Functions of Iodine
1. Production of hormone, thyroxine.
2. Regulates production of body energy.
3. Promotes growth and development.
4. Thyroxine aids in the synthesis of cholesterol.

Deficiency Symptoms of Iodine

1. Goiter.
2. Sluggish metabolism.
3. Dry hair.
4. Rapid pulse, heart palpitations.
5. Nervousness, restleness, and irritability.
6. Slowed mental reaction time.

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