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SMELL: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: STROKE


One of my favorites is this thing on salt.  This is probably one of the bigger medical ka-kas, this salt thing.  Doctors tell you ďDonít use salt!Ē  No sodium, because itís going to give you hypertension, high blood pressure, it will give you heart disease, and they have made Americans paranoid about salt.  Now, Iím a veterinarian as well as a physician.  I refuse to believe that my human patients are dumber than a cow.  Whatís the first thing a farmer or a rancher puts out for his livestock?  A big salt block, right?  Nobody gives any restriction on a cow, she goes out and has all the salt that she wants.  Never gets high blood pressure, and so I always used to tell my patients ďLook, letís use a little common sense here.  Why donít you just go ahead and take a salt shaker, just salt your food to taste, go mad with the salt.  Your body will tell you when to back off.  And 98% of my patients would do it just because I asked them to do it.  And I have been vindicated in this belief. 

This was actually a study that was published in the NY Times, May 22, 1996, and this study was abstracted from JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the most prestigious medical journal in the world, according to themselves.  Now in this particular journal, a Dr. Alexander Gordon Logan, who is an epidemiologist and cardiologist on the teaching staff of the medical school at the Univ. of Toronto up in Canada, and he took 56 existing studies on hypertension or high blood pressure and restriction of salt, combined data from these 56 studies, which included 3505 people.  He threw away all the conclusions and re-evaluated the larger group and what he found out was this.  If you have normal blood pressure, and you restrict salt, it will not prevent you from getting heart disease or high blood pressure.  If you have hypertension or high blood pressure and you restrict salt, 97% of those with high blood pressure or hypertension who restrict salt will not get any measurable benefit.  Zero.  2-5% get measurable benefit, but itís not significant.  They are only able to reduce their blood pressure by 3.7mm mercury, so here is what Dr. Alexander Gordon Logan said in JAMA, May 22, 1996.  He said, ďYou might as well go ahead and salt your food to tasteĒ.  Itís a meaningless exercise.  Donít get paranoid about salt.  It has nothing to do with blood pressure problems.  There has never been one single iota of proof that restricting salt has any benefit.  Thatís just one of those medical myths, he called it, but Iím going to call it a medical ka-ka.


Salt your food to taste.  Salt does not cause high blood pressure and restricting salt will not reduce your risk of high blood pressure or add ten seconds to your life - in fact restricting salt will shorten your life and make your very short life miserable.

Salt is the raw material needed to manufacture stomach acid.  Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid that is necessary to digest food, ensure absorption of minerals, activate pepsin (protein digestive enzyme produced by the stomach) and activate the "intrinsic factor" necessary to absorb vitamin B12.

In April 1997, The Sodium Task Force reported that those individuals who restricted their salt intake to one gram per day had a 600 percent higher rate of heart attacks than those who consumed more than two grams of salt per day.

Restricted salt intakes will make you heat intolerant and over the long term will result in digestive problems including belching, burping, intestinal gas and G.E.R.D. (gastro esophageal reflux disease).

Restricted salt diets with the resultant hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) will increase risks of nutritional deficiency diseases including obesity (reduced absorption of minerals increases the munchies), diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones, cataracts, fibromyalgia, etc.

(Hell's Kitchen by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan)


Q:  I have a son that has grand mal seizures.  Can you recommend anything for that:

A:  Okay, well first of all, was your son born with these grand mal seizures?  Yes, he was.  He was born with it, he has hydrocephalus, cerebropalsy.

Okay, first of all cerebropalsy and hydrocephalus are whatís called a congential birth defect.  These are caused by nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy.  They can be a Zinc deficiency, Vitamin A deficiency, Copper deficiency, and it has two problems there, and itís not unusual, because a deficiency of single nutrient can cause as many as 10 different diseases.  So, your son unfortunately has a very common series of events here, and because the epilepsy, the congenital birth disorder is associated with these two congenital birth defects, the odds are the nutrition alone will not put the genii back in the bottle.  And he might have to stay on an anti-seizure medication, such as dilantin or phenobarb forever.  However, the thing that you have to be concerned with is almost all of these anti-seizure medications have a down side in that they deplete their bones and minerals.  Itís not unusual for a 6 yr old or a 10 yr old to get arthritis or osteoporosis, noisy joints, and  twitches and cramps, and loose teeth and receding gums and back problems and all the things that are associated with mineral deficiencies.  So your child is a perfect candidate for the Pig Arthritis formula, simply because he is on dilantin, or another anti-seizure medication.  Very important.

Does he weigh less than 100 pounds?  Yes, he does.  Okay, then I would give him a teaspoon of the Pig Arthritis formula per 20 lbs of body weight , if he weighs 40 lbs. you give him 2 teaspoons twice a day, if he weighs 60 lbs, 3 teaspoons or a tablespoon twice a day, and if he weighs 10 lb, you give him a half a teaspoon.  So it depends what weight category he falls into.  And again, thereís no reason he canít live to be 100, and usually these youngsters with these types of congenital birth defects die of some nutritional deficiency disease.  And so by giving him all 90 essential nutrients, you will extend his life enormously.

  And it wonít hurt him in any way?

  I love that question.  No, absolutely not.  It wonít hurt him.

  Thank you!

You are welcome.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)  

SINUS Problems:

Kingmaker has found what I consider the best solution in my lifetime for sinus - headache, congestion or dried up as well as sleep apnea.  From personal experience I recommend it to you:

SINUFIX Nasal Mist

In a base of colloidal silver and tea tree oil, it ever so gently and quickly relieves any sinus problem I have (and that's plenty living in Florida!).  I hope it does the same for you!
(Martha S. Heney, Kingmaker)


The University of Arizona Medical School took 1300 people, put them on 250-500mcg Selenium, and for 10 years they looked at them for skin cancer.  And it didnít help skin cancer, we know that, because Selenium doesnít work for skin cancer.  Zinc, and Beta Carotene and Vitamin E works for skin cancer.  What they found out serendipitously, they werenít expecting this, it just sort of popped out of the study, they were able to reduce esophageal cancer by 71%, they were able to reduce prostate cancer by 69% fellows, better than two thirds, they were able to reduce colon and rectal cancer by 64%, almost two thirds, they were able to reduce lung cancer, whether you smoked or not, by 48%, and ladies, in a parallel study from the University of California by the great Dr. Gerhardt Schrauser, he said you can reduce your risk of breast cancer, depending on the type of breast cancer, by 50-85%, by taking 250 to 500 mcg  (of Selenium) everyday.
(Trust Me, I'm a Doctor)


I have personally found that the most benefit I have ever had for my problem skin is CELL SHIELD RTQ which contains Resveratrol, Tumeric and Quercetin.

Martha S Heney

Smell/Taste loss:

Then in laboratory, Oh I should tell you too, we said this on the show today, those of you who may not have heard it, some of you didn't hear the whole show. The first symptoms of a zinc deficiency is that you lose your sense of smell and your taste. You say, "Ah, food just doesn't taste good anymore," and you don't have a cold or anything like that. And you say, your wife says, "Aren't you excited about dinner? I spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking dinner." He says, "Well, I didn't smell anything when I walked in". You know he's got a zinc deficiency.

BABY FORMULAS/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:

Q:  Dr. Wallach, are baby formulas enough for our babies when they are born?

A:  Unfortunately not.  Our formulas we give to dogs, or kittens, have 40 minerals in them, including the minerals lithium, chromium, vanadium, selenium.  Ralston Purina laboratory rat pellets contain 28 minerals, including lithium, chromium, vanadium, selenium.  Thereís not a single human milk replacer on the market on or off the shelf of a grocery store that has more than 12 minerals.  None of them contain lithium, chromium, vanadium and only 2, Pro Soy Bean and Enfamil have Selenium in them.  And itís tragic that we give our dogs 40 minerals and our rats 28 and our kids 12 or less, you can begin to see why we spend 1.2 trillion dollars for healthcare last year. 

You can begin to see why we only live to be 75.5, half of our genetic potential for longevity of 120 to 140, why we only ranked 17th in longevity and 19th in healthfulness, simply because we donít get the basic raw material to develop properly and maintain the repair of cells from the very beginning.  Iíll give you a tragic example.  Sudden infant death syndrome is something everybody is familiar with.  We eliminated sudden infant death syndrome in animals back in 1950ís because farmers canít afford to lose 2 or 3 or 5% of the baby animals they are raising to sudden infant death syndrome.  And we learned it was due to a deficiency of the trace mineral, Selenium, causing sudden death in the most robust and healthiest of the baby animals in the group or the herd or the flock, and we eliminated it simply by giving the pregnant mothers Selenium. 

  And as soon as the baby was born or hatched it would get Selenium and if you look at the human infant milk replacers on the market, only 2 of all of them put Selenium in the formula.  And so, if I were going to raise a child today on these infant milk replacers, the infant milk formulas in a can, or bottle or box, I would pick the two, Pro Soy Bean and Enfamil that have Selenium in them.  And to stack things in favor of the child, I would still give the, from the moment they are born, teaspoon per 20 lbs. of body weight of the Pig Arthritis formula twice a day.  You may not want to use the orange juice in a newborn baby because they can develop allergies to it.  But that would still give them the plant-derived colloidal and the chelated minerals and vitamins and amino acids, and the tragic example of this is, 65% of all the babies dying of sudden infant death syndrome in America are being fed canned milk replacers.  Two-thirds of the ones who die of sudden infant death syndrome are being fed these canned infant formulas.  I guarantee you they are being fed the ones that donít have Selenium in them.  And so, absolutely, itís important to supplement these babies from birth because you canít get everything from your 4 food groups.  Certainly not out of these canned formulas.
(A Healthier and Longer Life)


Here's an attorney. You're not a doctor, are you sir? She was so famous, she was from Detroit, aged 44, Ellen Joyce Alter. She was in the New York Times obituary, she made the big time. Of course she probably had steel buns because she belonged to one of those private health clubs. All these gals want steel buns, you know, doing their little exercises. But she didn't have expensive urine, because she died of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. When they don't do an autopsy, the symptoms could be called a stroke, or subdural hemorrhage. Very frequently they are caused by a ruptured aneurysm, which is a copper deficiency. She didn't have expensive urine.
(Dead Doctors Don't Lie).


Functions of Selenium :

1. Selenium's major function is as an antioxidant.
2. Prevents some forms of cancer especially male cancers.
3. Protects against toxic effects of other metals such as lead and cadmium.

Deficiency Symptoms of Selenium

1. Premature aging.
2. Cancer (due to free radical damage).
3. Atherosclerosis (due to free radical damage).

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