Dr. Wallach recommends

Base Line Nutritional Supplement Program for Adults*

Nutrient RDA

True Supplement 

30-day Special Need 
Daily Dose

BIOTIN 200mcg 200mcg 500 to 3,000mcg
CALCIUM** 800ncg 2,000mg*
(see calcium comparison!)
2,000 to 5,000mg
CHLORIDE 1,700mg 2,500mg 500 to 2,500mg
CHOLINE 150mg 600mg 500 to 1,000mg
CHROMIUM 50mcg 200mcg 300 to 600mcg
COPPER 2mg 3 to 4mg 4 to 6mg
EFA   9g  
FLUORIDE 1.5mg 1.5mg 20mg**
FOLIC ACID 400mcg 1,000mcg 15 to 20gm
INOSITOL 75mg 90mg 500 to 2,000mg
IODINE 150mcg 250mcg 1,000mcg
IRON 18mg 45mg 50 to 100mg
MAGNESIUM 350mg 1,000mg 1,000mg
MANGANESE 2.5mg 5mg 2 tp 50mg
MOLYBDENUM 15mcg 500mcg 1,000mcg
NIACIN 18mg 50mg 2,000 to 6,000mg (time release)
PANTOTHENIC ACID 4mg 50mg 300 to 1,000mg (per day)
PHOSPHORUS 800mg 0.0 0.0
POTASSIUM 1,875mg 5,500mg 5,500mg****
PYRIDOXINE 2.2mg 50mg 200 to 500mg
RIBOFLAVIN 1.6mg 50mg 200 to 500mg
SELENIUM   200mcg 500 to 3,000mcg
SODIUM 1,100mg 3,300mg 300 to 3,000mg
SULPHUR   500mg 1,000mg
THIAMINE 1.4mg 50mg 200 to 500mg
TIN   500mcg 1000mcg
VANADIUM   500mcg 2 - 5mg
VITAMIN A   5,000IU 20,000IU - 300,000IU***
(beta carotene)
VITAMIN B-12 3mcg 200mcg 1,000mcg
VITAMIN C 60mg 1,000mg 10,000mg
VITAMIN D 400IU 1000IU 2,000IU
VITAMIN E 15IU 400IU 1,200IU
VITAMIN K 70mcg 140mcg 140mcg
ZINC 15mg 25mg 150mg
*The most efficient way to get mineral supplements 
is in the plant derived colloidal liquid form.
**Use this level only with a prescription for osteoporosis.
***as beta carotene!
****available in food

[as presented in "Let's Play Doctor", one of Dr. Wallach's best books]

**Just so you'll know CALCIUM is difficult....To quote Doc:
Now a lot of my patients say, “Look, Doc, I have been taking 2000mg calcium everyday for 20 years, cause I knew it was good for me, yet I still have hypertension, insomnia, loose teeth, receding gums, low back problems, bone spurs, kidney stones, arthritis, osteoporosis, all the stuff you say I shouldn’t have. I’ve been taking 2000mg calcium everyday”. I said “Well what kind do you take?” He said “I take calcium gluconate, calcium citrate, calcium lactate, oyster shell, eggshell, I take things like Tums.” I said “Well, there’s your problem. If you take 1000mg calcium lactate, for example, you’re not getting 1000mg of calcium, cause 86%, 860mg is lactose, or milk sugar. Only 14%, or 140mg is metallic or elemental calcium, and let’s use 10% for usability factors, a fair number, plus it’s easy math, 10% of 140mg is 14. So if you take 2 of those calcium lactate tablets, each 1000mg, you’re not getting 2,000mg of calcium, you’re getting 2 times 14, or 28 mg. To get 2000mg of calcium from these 1000mg calcium lactate tablets, you would have to take 30 of those with each meal. Almost a full 100 tablet bottle of these calcium lactate tablets a day. And of course, at $5 a bottle for the cheapest one, you’re looking at $150 per month just for calcium. You’ve 59 more minerals to go, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids, so this is not an economical way to get your nutrients as elemental minerals. Also, if you took in 90 tablets of anything a day, you’re going to develop what we call B&F disease. B&F disease stands for belching and farting. You’re going to sound like an elephant out in the woods with a horrible gastro-intestinal problem. And of course you know you have B&F disease when your spouse has to throw a canary in the bathroom to know if it is safe to go in there.

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