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representing Dr. Joel Wallach, author of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie".

Please understand that the key to good health is COMMON SENSE!  

    If the dosage is one of something, please don't take two because 'it must be twice as good'.  This simply isn't true!

    Pay attention to the ingredients and their amounts on everything you take.  You don't want to overdose on Vit. A or manganese.   Vit. A gross overdose has been known to cause brain tumors.  Manganese overdose could contribute to Parkinson's.  Too much magnesium will give you diarrhea, for instance.  So don't take another product as well if you are getting enough of something in one product.  Pay attention!  Consult "How much you need".  KNOW your nutrients!

    If you feel awful, it might be because you are taking TOO MUCH of everything rather than too little!  Back off everything and start again, one at a time, slowly and listen to the results your body gives!

    LISTEN TO YOUR BODY is the most important wisdom of all!  It is smarter than you are and it tells you when you need something or when it has too much.  Pay attention to what it is telling you when it craves this or rejects that.  You would be as amazed as I am when you compare what it craves this week with the symptom of the deficiency you are suffering this week!  It is uncannily accurate when you aren't!

    Everyone should start with half the dosage on the bottle and see if that helps before  increasing to the stated dose (meant for a 240 lb. man!).

    LESS IS BETTER than 'more' for your body.  America has a real mental problem with that.  Your body takes a hint from very little and gets to work immediately.  Just give it a chance.  Don't be one of the many who are killing themselves simply from gross EXCESS!  

    For instance, don't ask yourself  "Can I eat more on a second helping?".  Instead ask half way through "Is this enough to sustain me for now?  Until the next meal?"  You will be surprised the first time you try this attitude.  And your body will thank you!  A meal is not a contest.

    The same concept is true with our products.  If you take something like Tangy Tangerine today, with all the requirements of all supplements (except calcium), then don't also take an energy drink like Rebound or EQ Factor or Sports Tech that has the same things in it (just about).  One or the other!  Or add the energy drink when needed, AFTER you have done something to deplete what you have taken, like mowing the grass or playing a basketball game  USE COMMON SENSE!

    And understand that YOUNGEVITY is a company that has combined many companies, so it has much duplication of types of products.  Choose one!  For instance, don't take Glucogel, Joint Plus and Flex Flow on the same day.  Those are the same joint category in 3 different companies that merged.  Flex Flow is SupraLife, Joint Plus is Ancient Legacy, and Glucogel is either Ultimate (if caps) or Majestic Earth (if liquid).  You only need one...  Consult "Categories" and choose one (or 2 if theraputic extra amount required). 

 But KNOW what is required and KNOW what you are taking!  I have provided all the information you need on this website.  But you alone have to actually read it!  

    So PLEASE pay attention, and PLEASE use COMMON SENSE!  That's the only way to good health.


Advised with love and caring,



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